Thursday 13.12.2012

I went to Stip with dad and M. to buy a new phone as I lost a key from my old one. At the bus station, M. noticed my cap was missing. I found it under a seat in the bus.


While we were looking for a phone, I was speaking to the T-mobile employee too. We took ZTE Kis Plus.

М. asked dad to borrow him money for a jacket, but he didn’t want to.

Dad took me to the library and advised me to go there.

While waiting in A.2 I felt nostalgic. I don’t have something I wanted to last like last year.


In the hall Vanessa’s friend talked to me.

Dave and I shook hands, Peter did a strong handshake with me.

Muriel hied me first. Ashley said “Hi” to me and asked me if I was OK.

Thomas and Pete were becoming close in lecture room 3.

On the waiting area Thomas asked me:
-Are you OK?
-So-so. – I was sincere.
-Be bad.
-Don’t make him now. – Tara got involved.
-You’re a natural for a mixer. – Thomas commented.
-What is a “mixer”? – I asked.
He suggested me to ask Muriel. I did, but she didn’t answer.

Facebook news: I finally added Monique. I saw there was a check-in post from last Friday where I was gossiped that it would be interesting as one week ago!


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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