Monday 10.12.2012

Snow. It was frozen.

The bus for the Mines was late. I was late too. They probably saw me.

On the way to Campus 2 I saw Ergin and said: “Ergin! Hi!”. Bobby and Fred just looked. A silent “Hi” sounded from me.

At 10:00 the 1st group was already in lecture room 10. I said “Hi” to Reis & co., which wasn’t returned. I sat in the 4th row, but Gulben me asked why I didn’t sit in the 3rd, so I moved there.

A colleague from Valandovo had a sex chat with the it girl and Marcus. The it girl called his penis “bum-bam-bum”. He said he would cry for a girl to forgive him. He shared he dated a girl who is 1st year high school adding that he plans to have sex with her until New Year.

Gulben focused her attention on me, Reis went out. Andrea called me to return the notebook and told me to sign Nelson Allberry. OK. I had no time for explaining. If I wanted to refuse, she’d say why I signed for the first Maths lecture. Ughh. I’m waiting after my diary’s published. Muhammed arrived.

Andrea said Gulben to sign her, and I – Nelson II who came. Al called colleagues to hang him out. I went forward. Andrea told jokes from Damon’s birthday party like bathing the crocodile and closing the giraffe in a cage! It’s not funny, grow up. Haha. I left as soon as Dave stood up. Andrea left. I talked to Gulben.

Dave joked that Muhammed’s old phone looked like an IPod.

Muriel returned my exercises and thanked me.

We were released from L.A. early (11:10) as it was our last lecture.

I said nothing to the it girl on the road.

Benjamin didn’t call me. Let it be. He’s not my friend.

At F.E.S. I asked Gulben if she was cheerful to the Christmas tree in the hall, she wasn’t.

On B.P. I missed some members from my group.

We were released at 12:28.

I suggested to Muriel to walk together. I asked her if we would have practices the next time. She went to eat.

On the road I walked with Muhammed – I called him “bro”. Benjamin and another guy were in front of us. Benjamin left to a relative, but asked Muhammed what direction he would take.

Muhammed and the other guy didn’t quite speak in order I to feel endangered.

He told me he’s leaving to Turkey with his brother after the exams and he’s not coming back! Is it good?

In the bus I said hi to Andie. Dustin sat next to me.

Pretty normal day.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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