Tuesday 04.12.2012

Once again I was late. I waited with Benjamin to enter on the pause. He asked me if Andrea would come, I denied as I didn’t see her, but she came. While explaining some driving experience of his to her, Benjamin showed his middle finger twice accompanied with two fingers as he did to his driving instructor if I understood well. She asked what did we do the previous day and suggested to find the Maths book from senior year, to which I asked her if she gave her sister’s one to Mary. Benjamin, you can’t beat me here.  Tuesdays and Wednesdays are HORROR to me. Dave Kushner and Dustin also waited for the pause.

After we entered, Andrea asked Mike, who said “Nicky” to me, if the place next to him was free, but Alison sat there. I sat next to an unknown colleague. Tim just passed by me without saying anything. I didn’t have who to rewrite what I missed before the pause from. I couldn’t ask from Munin as he doesn’t understand. Joseph was rewriting… Finally, before I started writing the new material form the board, I asked the colleague next to me to see from her notebook how much space I should leave, she allowed me. Was I sad?

On the second pause, while Tim was passing by me to get out of the row, my body touched his ass, to which I raised my eyes.

I noticed that a twin, Mike, Vanessa’s best friend and Thomas were probably talking about me indicated by Mike’s turning towards me, then looking at me again.

Muhammed arrived.

After Math, I was alone again. The girls next to me have moved back.

I asked Gulben to rewrite from her while Muriel was staring at me along with another girl. I said “I don’t have who else from”, Nelson II was far.

Muhammed sat next to me – they always come back. About the reason for his absence the previous day, he answered he was sick.

It occurred to Thomas to throw a chalk towards me and he said that if I didn’t catch it, I wasn’t a man. He threw it, I failed.

I left with Munin in the hall.

On the waiting area I waited with Nelson I and II, Andrea, Mike and Dave. Mike actively talked to me. Before that my day was boring – it wasn’t long, nor interesting. He asked me if the mine works and said I was his best friend. “Best” meaning the closest or the nicest? He told I sent him the solved I.T. exercises for e-studying attaching after asking for them. Again he said that Muhammed is gay, then talked about his coming to Preevytip, not to Zlox. I decided to give a second chance to Muhammed. Andrea commented “What didn’t we do in high school”.

Before climbing in the bus, Derek V. confirmed to me Ethan had dropped from faculty. I asked him why, he said it was because it was hard to him.

Home, Muriel had reached the level for I to offer her a Facebook friendship request. She didn’t accept it. Sushi had posted in the group that the B.P. seminar projects were published which was seen by Muriel and I was tagged to be in a group with unknowns. I offered her again – she had seen the post by Nick Nickson from the Mines 2 again not accepting me. I sent her a third request – this time she gave up – accepted. She doesn’t know who she is messing with. I know multiple Facebook passwords.

About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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