Friday 23.11.2012

A day off from faculty, yet Andrea had called me at 08:13.

Sarah arrived with the bus for high school students.

She thought I should add an option G regarding my theory why Milo and the girl didn’t meet me last Monday: She saw me and didn’t like me. I don’t believe in it considering that I was carefully observing in the distance. What’s not to like if the only thing she wants me for is sex?

After I told her my important stories from these days, she said I was more relaxed for 80% compared with the previous year.

Then she analyzed on Facebook if my male colleagues tweeze their eyebrows. Outcome: From what we had available in the eyebrows untweezing my company were: David, Reis, Munin, Muhammed and another guy. “I’m from village” is a good excuse, right?

In 19:11 some Delia Reeves shared in the group that Gwen sent her a return email that we’d have B.P. the next day for the Wednesday. The others grumbled, and from home I was told not to go. Mum washed my head, but they convinced me not to go.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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