Wednesday 21.11.2012

Day of the tree – A day off.

stmichael-iconDad and I and grandma R. went to church on the occasion of St. Archangel Michael.

There weren’t limits anymore: A man cursed inside. Like he had come there to pay respect to one of his gods. Dad was telling me to pray for me (Theotokos to love me as she loves Jesus), I felt it selfish. Outside men were smoking and drinking rakija. When grandma told him that it is not smoked in church, he replied all the others smoke. It is not about what the others do, it’s about if it makes you closer to God. Just like they are polytheists. The church should be stricter about the smoking regulations, at least the ashtray should be removed. If they are doing stuff like that in church, what do they do at home?

Virginia Anning has accepted my Facebook offer.

At 8:09 p.m. I spotted Dave, Brian and A.B. passing. Even though I don’t have the same feelings for them now I missed a situation like that. They didn’t see me.


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