17.11.2012, 18.11.2012

Saturday 17.11.2012

Dave had offered me friendship on Facebook. So he is more or less honest with me.

I had surprising guests: aunt Delia, Billy and Dominic. They were thinking whether to call me at first, but decided to come anyway as they haven’t come since long time ago. Great. They are letting me know that they know that they mean to me. Aunt Delia was interested about me and the faculty giving me nice pieces of advice. After hearing my colloquium results, she noted that some students used to constantly getting A’s in high school find it hard. It’s not the case with me. In high school at the beginning my only purpose were the excellent grades, I signed to faculty because of socialization. And I’m succeeding!

In the evening grandma D. was asking me about my hanging outs on the faculty:
-Are you closer to males of females?
-I’m not telling you. What do you think? Who am I closer to?
-I think you hang out with the one that you have met…
Meaning Vanessa.
I told her something is happening to me, but that I would reveal to her when the time comes.
-And is it good?
-Well when I’m happier, it means it’s good.
She assumed it was about a lover or a crush. Just a crush? This is not high school. Btw Monday was coming close.
-It’s good.

Others dare to offer me Facebook friendship, I finally clicked “Add friend” to Albert Timpson – Al.


Sunday 18.11.2012

I walked with grandad.

Al haven’t accepted me yet, neither has posted anything on his profile.

Thought of the day: Sometimes I forget other people’s faces, but they NEVER forget ME.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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