Thursday 15.11.2012

The bus was late again.

In the bus Andrea told me that Mack and her father showed her Electrotechnics, that’s why she didn’t come at my place. So, apparently she knew more than me. Especially theory.

Another continuation of Andrea and mine’s comedy. The “catholic church” was free, so Andrea and I went there and a colleague went with us. The professor’s and the book’s ways of summing electric energies in circuits were different, so we had a problem. The colleague laughed. Andrea was worried she wouldn’t make anything, I knew I’d do weak, but of course, that wasn’t my purpose. The colleague, who was from Berovo, kept laughing at the mistakes and our insufficient preparedness like that was the only thing he knew. Well, instead of being thankful for learning from mistakes, it’s funny to him. Those who learn from the best know. I couldn’t look for intelligence in him as he blinked many times to refresh his brain, and the cheap Bulgarian accent won’t bring him much in life.

I don’t remember who I talked to in the hall, but I do remember how Andrea was sticking to me and my gang (I remembered Benjamin).

Inside I sat in the second row next (a place away) to Peter #4. Mike went to him, said “Ee bro” to me and we hit our hands (fist).

Muhammed sat next to me. Andrea was in front of me, with the Berovo guy.

The colloquium had less questions, but it was harder than I expected. Andrea asked me to tell her the 1st question about unit of measurement for electrical potential (volt). Coulomb was my choice. She also asked what I have circled on the 2nd and 3rd question. It was not like this, but understand it like this: it was possible more answers to be correct, so I said the second question was b and c, the third a, she understood 2b, 3c. I rewrote from her as she knew more.

Muhammed rewrote from me, but the professor moved him away. There was a 9th exercise for bonus points! I solved 7/9 or 7/8, but of course they are not correct. Anyway, it’s not without anything.

The professor noted that the guy in the first row i.e. Nelson I turned left then right, maximally using his [small] height.

Outside I told Andrea I rewrote from her the questions on circling and she said she rewrote them from me. She told me that the 1st question was incorrect. She didn’t listen to herself. She thought she’d have 0 points, I hoped at least 1 for the effort.

Muhammed said to me “Thanks bro” that he rewrote from me.

Both groups had Math practices altogether. Andrea and I sat together. Lesson: Limits.

We were given a chance to see our Math and Linear Algebra tests. While waiting in the hall, after the it girl went out of the assistant’s office, I said it was very fast, she told me it was only for Linear Algebra. She was rushing, to which I commented she has obligations every day.

I went to see my Math test to find out why I had 9 points. I took more time than the other guy who entered with me. The assistant said “You have good points, but if it’s good why not to be better?”. She asked me why I didn’t wear my glasses as I was seeing hard, I replied I didn’t know where they were. Revelation: I was given 4,5 points for the vectors exercise, 2,5 for induction, 0 – plain, 2 – inequality (because of a wrong sign). OK, it’s easier when I know the mistakes.

Outside I said “Bye Sarah” to the it girl who was on the phone.

Andrea left with the high school students. She invited me, but you know: God is more important!

Facebook stories:

At 18:54 I became friend with Gecenin Gölgesi. It was Muhammed. He wrote to me, called me and turned his camera on, but I told him mine wasn’t working. He sang and he asked me to send him Andrea’s profile, then told me he added her. I told him his L.A. points.

Nelson II had shared the B.P. results in the group: The maximum number of points was 17,8. I was 21st with 10 points. I expected maximum of 12,5. I’m satisfied. I wrote some of the things by luck. I’ve got points for my effort too. It’s good. Andrea had 5,5, Benjamin – 4, the Kumanovo guy, Mike and Gulben – 0 points.

I added Nelson II on Facebook.


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