Wednesday 14.11.2012

The bus was late. A lot. It reminded me of last year, only then I wasn’t alone, now I was alone. Andrea had decided not to go and called me to sign her if she wasn’t.

The bus finally arrived at 07:24. I was surprised when I saw the passenger waiting below me was one of the Mines – Derr. A curly haired girl asked him where he’s going, he replied “To Stip”. Now he gave me advantage. Guess what: We stood next to each other. Together again. I put my hand on the seat he was leaned on. We touched. We touched again when I swerved in an effort to adjust my bag. I found out why he was going after the curly haired girl asked him:  For a phone. I think we looked each other.

Later, I entered in A.2 and sat in the second row. We couldn’t see the presentation on the wall. We were a few.

On the break, I asked Benjamin if we would have Math (additional) later, he said no.

After the break, Gulben called me to sit next to her, as only we stayed, I came. I said Andrea said we to sign her up, but that I wasn’t doing it. She signed her and smiled to me.

After the lecture, outside in the yard:
-Come on colleague. – It was Pete, touching my back.
While you live on Earth you always have a chance to repent. God will receive you. He asked me what I finished high school, I said didn’t have a base as I was social А.

I went with them. Pete stood with a girl, I thought his other friend would join me, he didn’t. However, the it girl came and said:
-Nick aren’t you going?
-I’m waiting for these.
-Come on if you’re for this way. We are for that way.

Pete and his friends reached me, but for short: Pete said to me:
-Come on colleague, we’ll go to eat.
-Come on. – I just said as we separated.
He didn’t call me. They went towards a restaurant. Was that Chardak?

I walked. Returned, I read the restaurant’s name was “Mal Odmor”.


Home, the L.A. results were published. I have 15 points, I’m satisfied.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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