Tuesday 13.11.2012

Andrea wanted to wait for the pause, I wanted to enter on Math as we were late. She was afraid from the mood we’d find the professor in. She agreed, but said I to speak to the professor. Oоо, she knows I do speak when I want.  I commented “He can’t do anything to me” and we entered. I said “Good morning” to the professor, he asked us where we were from and if there wasn’t transport, I confirmed. Andrea sat next to me. Munin touched my back when he was coming in.

On the break he said to me if he had 18 points I.T. as I had, he’d be a king of Macedonia and said always to sit behind me.

For I.T. I moved to the first row. Benjamin asked “Who’s for eating?” looking at Nelson II behind me. Let it be. You’ll have me that much. The it girl said to me she couldn’t sit in the first row.

Benjamin was late and didn’t want to pass over me, so he sat next to me instead. Muhammed appeared at the door, I showed him a sign to come.

Home Gedzo had sent me a Facebook offer for friendship, I accepted.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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