Friday 09.11.2012

I left with the vulgar taxi driver George the Postman. This time… I was much less communicative.

Andrea and I sat together in the bus. It was hard for her too.

She said we were like a comedy starting from day 1: me returning to Campus 2 from the bus station, being late or not being on Math, the experiences she witnessed in the dorm: someone wanted to jump from a window, someone’s head was under a tap… She describing us as the most lost case. We left from lecture room 8 and went in lecture room 2 which resembled to a catholic church. Andrea asked me why I have 9 points. The B.P. material was very, very hard. She didn’t know more than me. She wrote programs, then checked them. We discussed fatness and pastrmajlijas. She didn’t study because the previous day was her father’s nameday.

At 14:40, we went in the hall where Harold, Dave Kushner and Dustin were. I was neglected.

In A2, there was no place for all of us. I was next to Andrea. Gulten and I greeted each other with the hands.

We moved to another amphitheater. Harold, who was near me asked: “Colleague did you study?”. I didn’t answer as I wasn’t sure if it was addressed to me. I moved to the first row asking a colleague to stand in order I to pass. #4 asked me where I would go and Mike commented “It’s not easy to you”, followed by #4’s “Nick it’s not easy to you at all”. Mike and him friends? It’s not a wonder. At all. Mike also asked me where I would go. After a while, after the assistant went out, he suggested:
-Nicky take a test. …  There’s nobody now.
-No. No.
-You changed your mind? … If you haven’t taken, they would fuck you.
-They would fuck me? – I responded knowing he wasn’t serious.

The colloquium started at 15:20. Yes, it was harder than I expected, but one task was the same as I predicted. The tasks were confusing to me. I had time but I didn’t write the ninth task for printing all the prime numbers from a to b.

Benjamin came close to me and saw my colloquium. I asked him if he had written. He just reacted with his with mouth.

Andrea asked me whether to wait for me as we had missed the bus, I didn’t know.

I saw Munin was about to leave, so I stood up and told him to wait for me.

The assistant asked me:
-Why are you so scared?
-I’m not.

I left with Munin. He wasn’t satisfied either. We joined Ergin outside. When I asked him why he cursed in Turkish, he smiled.

Munin asked if it was required to have minimum 6 points, which he doesn’t expect.

He didn’t know he had 0 points from the Maths colloquium. He added that he would sign to technical faculty. He left to wait for his father. Dave only passed. He was obviously scared of me!

I walked in the night through the dark alone. It was very different from the day signifying boredom and infinity. The night was very attractive with the lights. It reminded me of 2008. Yet Stip is better than Preevytip. I did a loong circle and explored new areas.


Then at 6:30 p.m. I went on the bus station.

Andrea wasn’t satisfied and told me other colleagues weren’t either. She said the tasks we solved on our way weren’t correct. She asked the colleague sitting next to her on the colloquium. He told her the questions without the tasks.

In the bus I refused to sit next to her, but we talked about the upcoming Electrotechnics colloquium.

We came home with taxi from Kiselica.

Sarah had arrived in Zlox.

I’m satisfied with me.

Unusual day, unusual week.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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