10.11.2012, 11.11.2012

Saturday 10.11.2012

M., Sarah and her mother visited me. They explained me the Kumanovo guy Christian met his current girlfriend on their mutual holiday two years ago. He always said “Hello” to aunt Marlyn who thinks there was some chemistry between Sarah and his cousin. Sarah didn’t want to say “Hi” to Christian.

After I told about Andrea’s plan to rent a luxury apartment in Stip, it occurred to M. she meant our relative Paul’s house. M. suggested me I to stay there too if I want, but I didn’t. Why do I have to copy her? Apparently, Paul was the owner now. I got used to this way.

I read Electrotechnics without interest.


Sunday 11.11.2012

Sarah left.

I studied and practiced Electrotechnics.

I already missed the beginning faculty period. Our group having the it girl… “Chardak”… I wandering through the halls… The immeasurable hope… Not that it’s bad now, just… it was special.

Btw: I love this year more than last year, but it’s not interesting to me as it was in first year high school. There is time…


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6 Responses to 10.11.2012, 11.11.2012

  1. makagutu says:

    At this rate, you will get to 2016 in 2020

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