Thursday 08.11.2012

I entered from the back door in A.2 and said “Good morning” to the assistant. I sat in front of Muhammed. The colleague next to Reis who was in front of me wanted I to sit from the other side in order him to rewrite from Reis. I asked Muhammed if he would mind, he would, so (although someone suggested Muhammed to move too) nothing. We were requested to go out in order to be arranged in a random order. I didn’t know that there were twins.

There was theory too and one question that I didn’t know at all. I solved the exercises, but… I solved one in a different way. I mistook one question. However, it was the best so far.

We were informed that the Math results were ready.

Outside, Andrea had already left, so I went to walk. On my way for food, I saw Gulben. This time she was satisfied with Linear Algebra and was walking, waiting for her glasses to be done. Her diopter is +0.50 and it was the first time she would wear glasses. I bought myself pastry – 20 denars. She went to the square to see what was there (rifles?).

On the road to drink water I saw Gulben with a man. I wanted to touch her and scare her, but she already saw me.

I asked her if she got used to the glasses, where she was going and if she lived that way.

I saw Derek V. and said “Derek”. He asked me if I finished.

This time immediately there was taxi in Preevytip.

proba-matHome – the results were out. I knew the highest were 18.5. Owner: Muriel. Reis was fourth and I was looking for my name. I thought I was ninth, but it was Nick Nickson. I couldn’t believe that the number 9 referred to my points. But it was me: Nick Paulson – ordinal number 25. On the same level with the it girl. Emily, Vanessa and Thomas had more than me. Andrea had 5, Mike – 4, Dave – 0.5, Andie – 0.5, Munin – 0.

So what? I said goodbye from the 10. Even before the beginning I defined a purpose and it wasn’t to be with all 10s. At the end I tried but… it was the end. I didn’t study on time, I didn’t come from Mathematical A, Electro or Computer Studies high school… What did I want? … Although from number one I went down to 25 (I’m not alone – number 2 (Monique) was 37), yet I started with success, I’m already succeeding in my designated purpose, and having better results from more than 80% from the students is not for rejection. Grandma assumed what I looked on the computer were the results. She said to tell her, that she wouldn’t tell anybody, but she told dad. Even if I personally say “I don’t trust you”, she’ll betray me again. I avoided telling my dad. When he saw the results were opened, he kept saying “Go down”. I didn’t show him not because I was weak, but because he’d talk and he doesn’t believe enough in me – “Go down”. He whispered to mum.

I later told her, she told dad. He said he started with a 6 and that every begging is hard. I don’t care what they think, as long as spirituality is on a high level to me…

In the Facebook group Nelson I asked if we wanted reparatory colloquium calling us “little humans”. What an attitude! He later deleted it as he saw the professor doesn’t give reparatory.

Andrea and I arranged to go at 9:30 the next day as the colloquium started at 15:00.

I studied B.P..


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