Tuesday 06.11.2012

At 6:15 Andrea rang me. I was in the toilet, so I didn’t answer.

Goodbye to the mines in the morning: starting from 1st of November, now the bus arrives at 6:55. Probably we’ll have a chance when there will be show and ice, but… it’s not the same.

I learnt Andrea phoned me in order we to go earlier. We were late on the Math colloquium. My group had the easier induction exercise, as I prayed.

Andrea asked me for help about an exercise and while she was explaining her question to me, the professor encountered and threatened:
-Colleague don’t tell him! – Presuming Andrea was showing me. -Cause I’ll split the grade in 4 parts.  – Referring to a part from him, the assistant, Andrea and me.

I had success solving vectors and inequality, but I wrote something from the others weakly, yet I expected minimum 12,5 points out of 20. From yesterday’s colloquium I expected minimum 15,5.

Towards the end of the colloquium, the professor noted about Andrea and I:
-These are solving…. but what are they solving? … Interesting. (“Интересантно”).
Exactly (“Управо тако”).

Outside, I went with Munin who told me he solved 2 exercises. He was waiting, I was too. We came back to Andrea, Gulben and the Kumanovo guy who asked me how much did I solve. He said he doesn’t believe he’ll take year 1. Andrea left us, and I didn’t hear her where she’d go. Gulben and I talked about Math. She asked me about the second way for getting inverse matrix.
-Show me an example.
I opened my notebook.
-That’s for rang.
-OK, just you to see. – I intended to explain her part of the example as there were similarities.
-Don’t make me hit you on the head.
-You’re very nervous. – I replied christianly.

Gulben revealed that Reis is a neighbour of hers. After we separated, leaving together, Munin shared he trained body building and when he recommended it to me, I told him I wasn’t in plan. I reminded him to add me on Facebook, to which invited me to come at his place and add myself. He told me that he is from a family with 4 children. He knows 30 words in Albanian and he went to high school in Gostivar. He didn’t understand my “дека” meaning “каде” (“where”), so I spoke to him literary. We met a colleague he just met and he greeted me. Munin went to wait for his father who is a driver.

Andrea rang me while I was walking, I called her back after I saw it, but she rejected it. On the waiting area, I found out she was at her friend Tara’s. After a while, she asked me:
-Why do you hang out with Turks?
-Well, when the Macedonians don’t accept me.
-We accept you, you don’t want.

To my wondering why not to hang out, Andrea claimed they smelled on Turkish. She revealed she ate in the Turkish restaurant tallow-smelling bread, chicken, rice and cereal for 170 denars. According to her all of their food smelled on tallow. I commented I didn’t know it, distancing myself. Discrimination in the 21st century?

Andrea asked me about Munin’s name, then she assumed Muhammed was called Mustafa. And when you kiss Gulben, you’re fine.

In Preevytip, while waiting for Andrea who was gone to check if her sister’s wedding photos were done, I saw Vince. We just looked at each other. Andrea confessed he doesn’t even say “Good afternoon” to her.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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