Monday 05.11.2012

Like always, when there was someone else after getting off from the bus, Andrea kept going with the curly haired girl, but…
-Colleague. – I turned on my right. It was a guy who asked me what time we examined from. I informed him it was from 10:30. After Andrea’s friend left her, she joined us. The guy had read in the Facebook group the I.T. colloquium would take place in A.2.

We went there and I asked Andrea why she rang me, she said to tell me the questions for the colloquium from Nelson I, but he didn’t send her. I changed my opinion about her before for something that I can’t remember. After all she wasn’t so bad. She said there would be about protocols, not history of the Internet. Others came, we sat out and as very expected she place herself in the middle. The guy asked her phone for songs. In order not to mind the “little girls” there, we found a free lecture room. There we discussed the material that was hard to be learnt. I found out the colleague’s dad is 2 exams away from getting his PhD in Computer Studies, yet he didn’t study. I asked him if he was from Kastonitz. I learnt from his index his name was Harold. He commented he couldn’t be close with a female, to which I reacted reservedly – “Eee?” Andrea assumed “Because you have a girlfriend” and he responded “It’s not ‘cause of that. I can’t, just “Hi” and that’s it”. When I asked if there would be questions for complementing, Harold replied “This is not high school”. We were yanked from there too, so we transferred in the hall. Andrea and Harold decided to go out to smoke.
-Where will you leave me? – I asked.
Both sides called me to come with them, I stayed there. After a while, Andrea climbed up alone. She told me Harold stayed down in the hall where the other colleagues from Preevytip were. She shared he is given 1800 denars in pocket money. She met him from the day 1, adding he visited her dorm room. He is from her group. Soon the Preevytip colleagues arrived, Andie asked me if I had studied.

The it girl greeted me and I asked her if she had studied. The Kumanovo guy wanted to know what kind of music I listened to, but I replied I didn’t tell when they asked me. He didn’t hear me, so Andrea repeated my answer.

Inside A.2 I found Muhammed place, and Munin sat in front of me. My 1st colloquium was harder than I expected. There were both general and specific questions. I wrote everything, but of course, not everything is correct. In the hall Andrea confessed she wasn’t satisfied. On the road after she went to talk to Tim, I joined the Turks. Muhammed wasn’t satisfied at all, and I told him he was very sad. He rewrote the seventh question from me. After Tim, Andrea joined me. We wanted to eat, and Muhammed invited us to tea. She refused. She didn’t even want to have a chicken sandwich in a Turkish restaurant.

We went where Andrea wanted. I saw from her what to order, then Muhammed asked the employed woman if the meat that pastry contained was pork. It was, so they took something with mushrooms. The Turks sat on a table as there were no free tall chars Andrea and I sat on left and they ordered lemonade. We separated as they were paying. Outside I waved Muhammed, he waved me back. Andrea commented that they attached all the time, I told her Munin didn’t do it.

On the waiting area, she revealed that she would be living close to the faculty. The rent is 2500, there are many luxuries and she would be alone in a room.

Just when I change my opinion about her, she’s leaving.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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