02.11.2012 – 04.11.2012

Friday 02.11.2012

Shocking: Gedzo a.k.a. our Kumanovo guy has Sarah as a mutual friend on Facebook. Yes, I asked her about it – they met on holiday in Dojran. His girlfriend was in the same house where Sarah was staying. They played cards together one night. She told me he made her great impression, but I said he was like Andy 2.

I mostly studied I.T. – I turned off my phone to prevent Andrea from arranging practicing with me. In the evening I missed my light friend – the phone, so I turned it on and – “You have missed calls…” I didn’t want to read, not to feel guilty.


Saturday 03.11.2012

Phone off again. Again – studying – trying to take in what I should have regularly.

google-chrome-latest-version-free-download-300x199-copyIn the evening M. came and because I had opened many windows and Chrome tabs his scrolling on Facebook was way slow. He got nervous and said to mum: “Well why did I come? For you?” I never got to thank in my diary that now Barbara and Elaine aren’t using me… I mean my PC so it wasn’t some problem for М.. He said “I won’t come anymore”… until we don’t fix the PC. And what else could I expect from him. At least I knew how he is like.

If my phone was kept being turned off, Andrea could come the next day. Avoiding her, meaning staying away from the active sinners is Christian, but pretending that I don’t know she rang i.e. hiding the truth is not Christian at all so… my phone availability was back and good news: she rang only in the Friday. The Saturday missed phone calls were from aunt Tricia.


Sunday 04.11.2012

Studying, it wasn’t exactly easy. No Andrea.


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