Thursday 01.11.2012

In the bus my ex-classmate Sarah said “Hello Nick”. Mandry, who was behind me, smiled to her because of her action. I smiled too. This time it was my sincere one. I mean to her. I admit I miss the version of her I used to know. How different could she be? She was the one who defended me and wiped away my tear when M. on Pigs along with Sandra and Alison wanted to beat me. In fact I was already beaten up. Opinion up.

In Stip Andrea took a notebook from me to copy.

I walked in town. It rained again.

While I was waiting in front of A.2, Dave waved me and came on the bench next to me. He told me the I.T. material he studied was hard, adding he would study regularly after the collocquium. Reis asked (him) if there was a lecture in A.2, he negated, having seen that a colloquium was being conducted there. After returning my notebook, Andrea called me to sit in the first row with her. Muhammed also invited me there, so I accepted. We discussed Turkish series, particularly about Polat Alemdar and Memati from Valey of the Wolves. Muhammed learnt Macedonian in 6-8 months and is currently staying alone in a flat. He showed me he wrote poetry and translated me some. I complimented him, then suggested he needed to teach me Turkish. He shared he’d go to Turkey for 5 days in the winter.269685_3734972214309_1190709335_n1

Muhammed labeled Benjamin as metrosexual because he was wearing an earring. Muhammed wouldn’t do it stating that his father and brother would scold him. The Radovish guy was listening.

Muhammed called me out to smoke, I refused. Mike wanted to know if I studied, I replied I did at home. When I asked him the same, he said he started to. I asked him how it was going twice because of our distance, noticing that Andrea was spying on me. I felt like I was Oprah. Mike responded he was in the top 10%, I commented it was good.

After returning with his coat, Muhammed revealed me that he was argued with Gedzo.

Muhammed thought I was 15 or 16 years old. Andrea told him I was 19.

Benjamin was interested if I had a girlfriend and why not. Initially I responded it was because I haven’t found. He had from Lozovo being 17 years old. The second time he asked me about a girlfriend I said “Find me”. He offered to come in Zlox to find girlfriends for both of us. To my wondering if he didn’t already have one, he said [he wanted] another one, asking for my approval. I accepted, adding that we’d arrange. He transferred our chat to Nelson II. They think I’m not normal? So not knowing me.

Nelson II was mostly speaking about himself, not realising his selfishness.

The Electrotechnics professor postponed the colloquium for 15th of November. Andrea got cheerful and we did a high five. Andrea and Nelson II left earlier, Mike told to me sit when I stood to make place for them to pass.

The Radovish guy copied my Electrotechnics notebook in the hall.

I asked Mike if he took his index. He went with our group, being written at the bottom of the list.

To my question if Thomas seeked for me on Facebook, he lied saying “I searched, I searched”. I know how and at what point it occurred to him.

Mike said to Thomas that I was his friend, but when Thomas asked me if Mike was my friend, I denied. I can’t lie because as a Holy Spirit gift it means to me. Mike was obviously offended by my answer saying “Don’t make me break your head”. Thomas asked if he was my friend, I confirmed.

On the Math practices while we were left to solve an exercise alone, Mike asked me if I solved it, I didn’t know it. We solved 4 exercises as I was previously informed by the it girl in the hall. The assistants’s phone rang with the Pink Panther song, which was funny to me.

I almost forgot my umbrella. Thomas asked me where I would wait for the bus. He left to wait at the bus station, but didn’t know what time he had a bus at.

Newsflash: We have new neighbours. Source: Mum.

Facebook evening dig: Willy has a girlfriend and is surprisingly born in 1991, Thomas has a girlfriend too. I added Gulben.


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