Tuesday 30.10.2012

Morning with the highschoolers.

In the faculty’s hall Benjamin said to Nelson I:
-Where are you, legend?
I don’t need to be a legend, just worthy to justify the epithet given from God: HUMAN.

I didn’t see Andrea. Was she absent? I sat next to a male, and a male sat next to me.

The list came to me, somebody else had signed for Andrea. Definitely absent. But on the first break she appeared forward.
-Andrea why were you late? – I asked her.
-I missed it.
-And why had you called me?
-I forgot my umbrella.

Out of my row, Munin and I shook hands and I asked him if he would go out.

Later, after the it girl greeted the happy threesome, we did a high five while she was passing. She asked me if I was fine and smiled. She was standing with some colleagues and then while she was looking at me, I grabbed the chance:
-I wanna ask you something.
-Why were you gone on practices on Friday?
-What practices? … What group are you? Are you with him? – She referred to Nelson II, who was in front of us rewriting Math.
-I transferred.
-Eeh, when?
-Well, last week. There’s more waiting.
-I wanted to tell you to hang me out. You’re very outgoing and sincere and I like that.
-I’m like that. … OK, we’ll hang you out. Me and Marcus.
-But you transferred.
-It doesn’t matter.
It does. It will never have that cohesion without you.
maxresdefault-We’ll be seeing each other again. – The it girl concluded.
I said she went to Makfest as she had published it on Facebook. She confirmed, adding she attended two evenings, without the finale. To my interest why, she told me the tickets for it were expensive – 500 denars. I asked if there were songs that she liked, then we talked about Next Time as she had Stefan_e_Martin_Filipovski_-_Nešto_što_kje_ostanephotos with them. She visits their Stip performances. Munin was laid a few places further looking at me. You don’t want me? You won’t have me. Others will. The it girl denied Next Time knew her.

After she left, totally predictable, Munin sat next to me asking me to lend him my Math notebook in order he to rewrite what he missed and to return it the next day. OK. OWN?

Munin informed me he bought a laptop, I congratulated him. He asked me if I studied at home, I replied I did only from the practices. He studied on the computer shared with his roommates. Before he left to sleep, he asked me if they gave indexes, I didn’t know.

Dave moved one place next to me, asking me if it was free.

While the I.T. professor was checking the list, when my turn came, I said:
-“Me”. – Tim repeated my quietness. -Shout manly.

Benjamin, who was sitting next to Tim in front me, asked me if I studied. I told him I did only Linear Algebra, but he said I had everything studied.

In the hall Nelson I suggested he, Nelson II, me and Andrea to practice together.

Waiting on the waiting area – Andrea and Nelson II were talking while I was behind them. Muriel, Emily and Thomas joined them. I felt spiritually empty. If it wasn’t for Christianity, here I would realise that clawing should be used in life. It’s practical, it works. The proof was a few steps away from me.

After a while, Thomas shouted:
-Colleague! Colleague, come here.
I came there. That’s what a real friend is.

What were they talking about? Money – life in America. Nelson I greeted me before he left. Thomas asked me:
-Do you study a lot?
-Ah “no”. He does. – Andrea included herself.
-I’ll come to Zlox. – Thomas said to me.
-Don’t come to my place. – Andrea forbade him.
Someone didn’t read the Bible.

Thomas was interested how much Zlox was distanced from Preevytip. I considered it was 11 kilometers, Nelson II agreed and Andrea didn’t believe it. Muriel wanted to know if the same road to Zlox leads to Preevytip. She had never been in Zlox and she visited Preevytip for a football match.

The bus arrived. Inside, Andrea called me to sit next to her, but I told her I wanted to sit from the window’s side. Then she called Nelson II. He came, i.e. he bit.

I’m a real person. I don’t act like a rodent to stow everything. Why didn’t she invite me while I was standing alone?

They did talk, but not as much as I expected.

In Preevytip, Andrea went at Wendy’s. To my interest, she said it was to take something.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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