Monday 29.10.2012


I sat in the third row for the Linear Algebra practices. I simply wasn’t in the mood.

553840_3600165478931_598626114_n - CopyOn the break I went at the secretary’s office to take my student confirmation. There I met a spiky-haired woman who was filling a form regarding finishing faculty. She didn’t know what to fill on a blank, so she was waiting for the secretary to return. She asked me what I was studying, what year I was and wished me luck.

While I was waiting in front of lecture room 10, Mike approached me opening his mouth, I smiled. He sat one seat away from me and asked me:
-Why don’t you go with the others?
-They don’t call me.
-Don’t give a damn. Go with them.
He didn’t know if we’d have Linear Algebra.

Inside, Mike sat in the last row again. Before Andrea who was sitting next to me went to eat with the Radovish guy, she offered to buy me something. No, no, I had eaten a banana.

I felt “ticklish” as our Maths professor would say. Dave sat in the same row but away from me. When Muhammed arrived, he told me “Merhaba”, Andrea repeated my response. The it girl begged for someone to calculate what theme was her Maths seminar work supposed to be based on operations with her index number, not asking me. She found it to be number 3, but Monique disagreed. Sitting close to me Muhammed asked me:
-What are you doing, bro?
-I’m sitting. I’m waiting. – I said, he repeated it.
Marcus asked me to open the window. Marcus and the it girl are popular! Ultimately we were informed we wouldn’t have lecture.

On the way to F.E.S., Andrea and I were walking in the same row from different sides of the road. She was searching for a friend. Later, I was in front of her. Dave and Mike were together. Mike went back. Dave asked me where I would go, joining me as his car was busy.

Nothing from my it girl plan. She is too popular.

Mike was hugged with a friend. God gave me the rain just in perfect time. Dave asked me where to go as we were supposed to wait for our group’s B.P. practices, I suggested to make a circle where I usually walk. Dave and I walked under my umbrella. When I asked him where he goes when we have waiting, he shared he went with #2 who I had mistakenly identified as Thomas and whose name is Bennett, and with #3 or the actual Thomas to a sport betting office, but he wasn’t interested in writing tickets. Led by Christianity, I advised him not to do it. Dave also told me he’s occupied with weeding rice. He liked the material talking to me about his motorbike, car and PC. He doesn’t believe he’d get employed on something Computer Studies related.

In the F.E.S.’s hall a guy came next to Dave. He confessed he owned 2 motorbikes and that he had driven a truck. I knew he’d go on. After the other group was released from their practices, the it girl, Marcus and Reis told me “Bye”.

Inside the lecture room, I took the third row and Dave the second, but he moved to mine, blocking the Mines 2 from taking their standard positions. Bad.

When my faculty day was finished, I walked another tour happily. I saw I had two missed calls from Andrea. Why?

There weren’t more passengers for me to leave with from Preevytip, so I accepted a taxi driver’s offer to bring me to Zlox for 100 denars. He was talkative with me using vulgar expressions like “Let’s place it in this woman”. Noting my shyness, he advised me to take a male attitude.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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