Wednesday 24.10.2012

Finally it was happening.

The day came Lester and I to ride together.

I went out in front of my gate, the van passed but the Lester and company weren’t there. It was better, because otherwise I would have been the first to say “Hi” to him. Mum told me they were coming, I told her to close the gate, but she said she wasn’t visible. When they stood from the other side Lester and I looked each other and… nothing. I didn’t plan that way. Why?

Mum? Fear from face-to-face? He didn’t feel me close?

Even when the van came back and they came to my side, nothing between us two. He stood closer to me, but I gave them advantage. Inside, I sat on the fourth seat, without realising I have passed Lester who was on the second. Otherwise I would have considered saying “Hello” to him.

Lester hangs out with his co-travellers only when they want it. Like Andrea. He is communicative, but not when there’s more than one person around him. So what if he is the first year? He should fight!

Harold Donker also spotted me and nothing again.

Let it be. Other people appreciate me. I’m aware that I can’t make conclusions (at least not strong) from one situation.

I continued with Andrea.
-Isn’t he our colleague? – she asked me.
It was #2, to whom it was easier to race me.

In the second-floor hall, I knew Andrea and the most handsome guy would say something, but I didn’t expect him to ask “What are you doing” – referring to both of us. Surprisingly he passed obliquely his hand towards me to greet each other. Voila! A bite. Someone has changed his opinion about me. Something says to me it’s not the last time. In the A.2 Andrea plunged in the first row, and I kept walking.
-The second row is busy to tell you. – said the most handsome guy to me.
It was already busy in my mind seeing there were girls.
-Come here. – Andrea called me.
-I don’t want to sit in the first desk.
I pleaded to the M.H.G.. Even before the start, I made myself clear about my purpose there.

The third row was busy with the unpleasant … oops – fakely pleasant Thomas with his Dave(id), that left the fourth row for me – next to… Mike. Although it was my turn to greet him he addressed me first. After our short chat, I spotted Andrea removing her look off of me. I know that this is weird to you. The friend next to Mike asked him where was I from and what have I finished. After he found out I had 98 points, Mike asked me if the mine near Zlox works. “That mine has irradiated all of you” was his comment.
-It irradiated all of us.
I adored his openness. Mind you, last year Stacey said that everyone from Zlox was irradiated “only 2-3 not”.
No, I prefer to believe I was a special story.
-How much have the others?
Eh they are not to that much…
-They don’t have more.
-Well how, weren’t you irradiated?
-In another way.
He answered he had 99 points, but it’s 6th on the list due to an error. I said I’ll check.

He asked me if I had the I.T. assignments as they were removed. Removed? I said I could sent them to him. He agreed.
-Do you have Facebook?
Here we go.
He pulled out his Nokia smartphone. There was a half-naked girl he showed it to me and I just smiled. It was real, not because I love sinning, but because I greatly respect that he chose me to do it.

My turn came and he asked me how I am signed.
-Don’t you remember?
-No, maybe you’re “Nicky”.
I thought of my full name from the list, but…

He added me and continued to deal with his smartphone.

On the break, I turned around to see Sarah high fiving with the Mines 2. She has the popularity, I have the gender.

Resuming the lecture, Marcus sitting next to Sarah in my row called me and we high fived, plus he asked me if I was fine, I asked him too.

On our second break, Mike stood up to get signed in the list in the first row. I went there, gave turn to the it girl, then I related her with the signing the first Wednesday – either she was the girl who took my turn either she participated in the commentaries about “my screw-up”. After I got signed I gave my list to the one right to me – the one who sat next to me last B.P. practices. I lent him my pen as well.

Then Gülben sat next to me and Mike never returned.

In the end I was leaving alone. I tried to follow the others to go on additional Maths practices, but all of them went out, so did I. I asked Muhammed where will he go, he said he will go to eat, swallow. Andrea and another guy joined. Muhammed was waiting for Munin. Andrea and the other guy weren’t sure whether to go to exercises or not. When I saw Munin I mistakenly called him “Muhammed”, I’m glad he didn’t noticed (at least acted that way). The two Turks spoke about me.
-He loved you very much. – said Munin to me.
How wouldn’t he love me?
-What are you gossiping me? – I asked him.
-He says he loved you very much.
-I love him too.
He told him, Muhammed smiled and kind of denied or didn’t believe it.

The Turks climbed into a taxi. I decided to go на Maths, and the others not, but I couldn’t manage where to go, so I walked in the center.

Returning, Marcus and I waved each other, Benjamin asked me why didn’t go on Maths with them.

On the waiting area Andrea asked me why didn’t I go with her to buy shoes, and Nelson I was looking for a reason why didn’t I tell him to sign me on the additional. Because I obey HIM.

#3 and the potential #4 came too.
Both of them spoke to me. #3 wanted I to ride in some yellow van with TV. He didn’t specify where is he from, but he did invited Nelson I to come at his place.

You know, Nelson I and Andrea are my biggest frENEMIES. Like I see personification of the devil in them. Andie is very pleasant, Nelson II doesn’t seem bad at all, what’s the problem with those? Being from the other group helps me sometimes not to see them, but it makes them closer. Where is God to those souls?

In Preevytip Nelson II said “Come on” to me and mum and I went to the dentist. Good news: My old braces works! 🙂

[The continuation is based on notes.]

On the waiting area from the Mines I saw Stanley and A.B. John asked me where I was. However, my experience shows that good things mean that bad things will happen soon.

The taxi driver I came with was a relative of Andrea’s. I was home at 1:30 p.m..

It’s good and is becoming better.


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