Saturday 20.10.2012

I got sick again.

In the morning I found David and Benjamin’s Facebook profiles. Benjamin had been in the monastery St. Spyridon near Zlox. I saved the photo with fresco of St. Isaac holding a paper saying: “Don’t distort and don’t offend anyone, even if they have a bad life”, the only reason I stopped punishing my users in elementary school.423477_3735014215359_1987879292_n

The late afternoon Al waved me.

In the evening I searched Google for “christianity and shyness”. I found interesting advices at saying that shyness can be a form of pride, shyness is fear which is opposite of faith.

“Starting a conversation and showing interest in others can be an expression of genuine love. When we’re filled with God’s power and motivated by love, we’ll be able to reach out to others in a way that makes them feel appreciated. Then the emphasis is on others instead of on ourselves, and we can begin to live in freedom, self-sacrifice and love for others.”

It makes sense, but do those others appreciate spirituality as they should? Anyway, it’s better for me to dare first, at least I’ll see the way they are from the beginning.

After I opened the door of grandma’s house to go out, I saw Joanne’s Derek looking at me with my “friend” Andrea, not looking at me who assumingly saw me from the glass before. After all you can’t be sure what a door is.

Walking towards home, mum confirmed me it was Andrea.

In front of my house they met with some males. I looked at her and quietly said “Andrea” – nothing. I knew Andrea wasn’t a real friend of mine, but at least she could have respected my mother. That’s why I keep distanced from her – she is with me only when she doesn’t have who else to be with. Do you know how is that called?


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