Friday 19.10.2012

I heard Andy rides with us every morning to Banbap because he got employed.

I stood up to get off of the bus in front of the faculty and Andrea behind me, but the driver said we were supposed to tell it in front of the Electro-school. He said “It can’t now” and she “OK, on the station”, but I knew he was going to stop.
-Why didn’t you say until now?  – The man asked.
-Well, I thought he had said it.Bus Stop Sign on post pole, traffic road roadsign, blue isolated
She blamed me just to save herself, although she knew I wouldn’t usually speak about such things. I was quiet. If God said don’t argue, I don’t argue. It’s not important who wins at the moment. Anyway, the bus stopped. When I asked Andrea why Electro, not the faculty, she replied: “Because there’s written “Bus station”. “Bus stop”, lady.

In the hall after Andrea speechlessly separated from me, I didn’t say anything to most of my colleagues waiting. I stood where there was free place and said “Hi” to David.
-Where are you? – He replied to me.
-Good afternoon. – #3 greeted me.
-Good afternoon. – Happiness sounded in my voice.
gossip-girl-logo.jpg-It’s not afternoon. – A girl sitting on the merged chairs said to him.
She wanted to take place as well? You have it, own it? It is known where an uninvited guest waits, though in modern day era you can’t be sure what is considered to be a door. (Inspired by “Gossip girl”.)

Soon he left #2 and #3 to come next to me. He asked me if I had homework, I didn’t. I threw the fallen pen to #3. I wasn’t in the mood, maybe because I was tired from the week and because I wasn’t satisfied with my look. However, I was satisfied a relation between us is already established. His friends were calling him to pass the pen, David decided to stay next to me.

Inside I sat from the side I always sit.

On the pause I went out to filled my time walkingly. The happy threesome passed over me although I was looking at them. Returned, I entered in lecture room 12 alone and first, while the others were waiting in the hall.Christian-Dior-Lady-Dior-Black-Quilted-Leather-Large-Hand-Bag-Portero-Luxury

In the fourth row, next to me sat the “it” girl with “Dior” bag with the handsome unshaven guy. She asked me “If you want to tell me only to what page we should”. If only she didn’t say “only”.

In the yard, Nelson II asked me where are Andrea and Nelson and will they come as they come to listen with our group. I replied they will come.

On the way, Benjamin was walking alone. I looked at him.
-Where are you? – he asked me and we kept walking together. I told him I’m going to walk through the town. I found out he was from Lozovo and that he finished gymnasium in Veles. He was going to take his cousin to faculty who had Sport at the gym. I was asked if there wasn’t an organised transport to Zlox as I told him I would miss the bus to Preevytip at 11:45 in order to go directly in Zlox with the bus at 2 p.m.. First I said “…I should pay for taxi” and he “…You’ll spend more money like this”. <Then he doesn’t know me.> … I told him “it’s not about the money” to which he opposed “You’ll wait more time like this”. That’s what I want to do.
-Until now I did so all the time, now to change. – Was my final decision. Since I left him, I was giving myself reasons for my choice. The previous day Andrea did the same and every time with one exception after I climb out of the bus that time in Preevytip, I hope that I’ll ride with or at least see the mines, but I get disappointed after a taxi driver spots me. “Dean, at least for today I forbid you to relate “the little bus” with me.” In fact, why to rush home? You never know which song will you hear on the road, who will you see and what will you smile for. All equals experience.

Icon_birth_maryI heard a Serbian song, but two grandmas sat on my bench and a grandad talked to me. After his visits on Theotokos and Transfiguration, he insisted that Zlox is a town and he wished me luck for my fresh start. When he was ready to leave, I asked him if he had been on the market. He changed his mind – I became interesting to him. He had 2 grandsons, one of which was the same generation with me studying Music. A female friend of his interrupted our chat. After a while, he stood up, the woman stayed. After some time I was sitting alone watching the people passing. I didn’t really have many choices for waiting in Preevytip. It occurred to me that I had maybe lied to Nelson II about Andrea and Nelson I. Maybe they didn’t leave because they also stayed on the practices with their group…

I went at the faculty to ask about getting a student’s confirmation and when we will be given the indexes. At the actual bus stop, Andrea was there with Derek on Joanne, and I calmed down not seeing Nelson I which indicated he therefore went home at 11:45 and I didn’t lied the other Nelson.

We returned with the bus for highschoolers, and Andrea and Joanne’s Derek, happily high fived probably as a celebration of their free will free ride. I could do the same the previous day too, but it’s important to me to stay honest in front of God.

It seems like her entire life is based on with lies: her admitted school absence on the dates matching her diary number, last year’s lie to the professor Stacey, this situation… It is probably a lie that she’s a Christian. How can she believe in Christ if she disbelieves His words?

In the evening, on Facebook Sarah was interested about my social life in Stip. She was happy for me and told me that now I was more relaxed for at least 60%! Just forward!


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