Thursday 18.10.2012

Derek Derr was in the bus to Stip. Nothing.

In Stip after I read the copy shop opens at 9 a.m., I pretended not to see Derr and the guy who sat next to him, from the other side. They were walking behind me and went in Health home. I took the book and went in the university where Tim asked me “Where are you”, inarticulately I answered “I’m here”. I stood aside the first group members, who were told we were losing Electrotechnics. I followed the group. In the yard Benjamin notified me we weren’t having lecture. I confirmed the same to #1. The group left as they didn’t have anything anymore, #1 and remained distanced in the yard. Standing. He asked me what I had books for, I told him I copied the B.P. this morning. He asked where it was and even though he didn’t offer I to show him or to copy from mine, I still considered it for a favor. He offered to sit inside. I accepted.

[The continuation is based on notes.]

I felt uncomfortable while sitting next to him, so I wasn’t looking at him. I told Nelson we wouldn’t have Electrotechnics who said I came earlier. Jokingly, Muriel told #1 to hurry. It’s because of his popularity. He told one of the happy threesome guys we were losing the lecture. #1 wanted us to go with his car for him to copy the O.P. book. In the car I asked him about his name. It’s David. He said “birdie” when he experienced road discomforts. David told me had a relative in Zlox – Delia, without arm. I asked him if he came to Zlox. He couldn’t find a place to park his car, so we rounded some streets.

While we were waiting for David’s book to be done, Marcus came in the copy shop. Now I was the one with plus one and he was the lonely boy.  I told him “Hi” and he asked me “How is it?”. He also asked if I waited for a book for me, I denied, showing David. I asked him why he was there, but he answered “On Computer Studies”. In fact, Marcus brought an USB to print the presentations, to what I said that otherwise it can’t be studied. I was naïve. It was not even the fake me.Shock-absorber

Back in the car, David asked me if I felt that it shaked near my leg, I said it did a little. Then he mentioned something about shock absorber. I didn’t smile. Now the experience came by itself. I asked him how often he puts fuel, he does it once weekly.

urlNext, we stopped near a Procredit bank ATM. Once he was done I only asked him:
-Did you finish?
It would have been too rude to ask him about the amount of money he took out.

David told me to put the security belt. He had a problem with the horn, to what I said it “fucked up”. I know it’s wrong, but it was the language that he was using.

We sat in the faculty’s yard where he told me his straying fat friend was called Thomas. I told him both of his colleagues friends were fat to me. I assume he referred to #2. We saw the Math professor. It was cold, so we went in the hall. Victoria passed from distance, she just looked at us and kept walking not saying anything. I should be celebrating!

1653869There was books delivery and a man asked us for help to bring them from the yard into the faculty’s library. Although I didn’t have breakfast, I was hardworking. The other present colleagues were wondering while looking at me. I was walking like Polat from “Valley of the wolves”. Andie passed. I removed my jacked as I was sweating from the tiredness. Munin helloed me and hugged me! I better carry the books. I have to say now smiles were much rarer considering every time before. Today in their heads the EXPLOSION happened!

I sat in the second row from the right side. A guy who was alone sat next to me. Andie and her friends also wanted to sit next to me. I said to one of her friends:
-OK colleague, I’ll sit there.
When Andie came she said:
– Nicky why didn’t you tell me?
– I’m looking at you, you…
It was my mistake.

Munin arrived and sat in the 4th desk. Should I move next to him? How would Andie feel? But it was a chance for me. I was looking back with my eyes, she looked at me. I realised why those from the third desk sat there. I was blocking them to see the board.

#3 came and didn’t say anything to me. He was just doing me favor.

On the pause Munin and I were the only boys that stayed inside. It was a mistake. I asked Munin:
-Are you bored?
-I’m bored.
-I’m bored too. … Do you get it? – I asked him about the material.
-Fifty-fifty. And you?
-More than fifty.
I offered to give my notebook to rewrite what he missed. Munin made a mistake he said it was from the “prenext” week i.e. from the second practices.

Before we resumed with the practices he returned my notebook via David.

I stood in the bus.

The afternoon I shared on Ni Ck:
Earlier (alone) the others were staring at me, now (with company) they just look at me.
Like I am another person! <3!”

Now it was great but now perfect. Watch me!


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