Wednesday 17.10.2012

Again travelling with the same kids.

Although I had only Basics of Programming, I expected to spend a quality time.

Andrea and Gülben (the one with Muhammed) have become very close. I with a Turk, she with a Turk, who would say?

The amphitheater was pretty empty, so I chose to sit in the third row, two rows in front of Andrea and Gülben. Soon, I was put in a similar yesterday-like situation surrounded with 4 guys. OK, if we ignore the empty seat next to me due to a broken restraint. Apparently the most handsome guy who was sitting just in front of me, was popular. He was turned around to find a friend of who he didn’t know his name and mentioned that the girl next to him should be given a pillow.
-He will give you. You must have, look what a bag.
It was the guy on my right, hugging me.
-A pillow? – I asked.
-No, not a pillow. A notebook. He (showing the friend next to him) doesn’t have what to write in.
I have.
-There he’ll give you.
But the friend didn’t want it. In fact later I saw the notebook I thought of was home. Lucky me 🙂 !

The dean had a problem opening the chapter 3 presentation and the guy next to me asked me what was the problem, which I couldn’t read. Then I was asked where was I from and I asked him the same. He is from Kochani. He also asked me what did I finish and how much points have I entered with.
-I entered with 99.
His friend added:
-I with 96.
That’s the first number he could think of?

I see they didn’t believe me.

His friend asked me if I knew Anthony from Zlox. The past… Not Dickens, Anderson. The one who owned Zloxery. And I thought I represent Zlox mostly. I confirmed that Zloxery was a good café, of what the guy next to me’s friend assumed I go there to “beat the goat” (though when I heard the word I presumed he was asking me a sexual question) a.k.a. as drink.
-Do you have a girlfriend? – The second guy asked me.
-I haven’t found.
-Here are how many you want. – The one next to me threw himself in.
He then asked the girl in front of him how many points did she have and after he heard “80”, he said they will seek someone with 99 relating her as my big sister. He asked me if I knew how to repair the professor’s computer, he alleged he knew.
-Come on, go. – I said to him.
That’s me. Always unpredictable.

The professor gave us a 15 minute pause. Only a few of us stayed inside, even Munin after we looked each other went out. I wasn’t feeling comfortable. Why nobody called me? Are they soulless? Maybe a death in my family had happened recently, they don’t know what I have been through.tumblr_static_cannabis1

After the guy next to me arrived with his friends and after he asked me if the professor fixed the computer, I didn’t miss to ask him if they were out. His friend asked me if I smoked, and the one next to me joked he [smokes] only grass.

Finally, the presentation started, the guy next to me offered to sign me in and three guys were outed.

In the end, I decided to leave from my left side. Munin and I shook hands. Although he continued with another colleague in the hall, he told me he was going back later. I asked him where he eats (the lowest possible not be heard by Andrea, but I know she heard me), he told me he prepares food in the apartment.
-Where is your friend? – He asked me.
-My friend?
-Didn’t you tell me you have a guy from your place?
-A girl. Andrea. There she is.
… who was on the counter. I joined her, Munin and I greeted each other. The most handsome guy was surprised to see me with Andrea.

On the road Andrea had an idea to go at Greg Priestley’s (my ex-friend) apartment. I refused corroborating that Greg hated me in the seventh grade (And Andrea admitted she hated me last year!). I felt unpleasant speaking about the past where my stealing photos from her Facebook was. Anyway, she didn’t have his number. She advised me to smoke opposing me that everything in a shop is harmful. She said “You only live once”. True, but it’s eternal.

She thought I still tell mum and grandma what I have done. Speaking about food I revealed her I wasn’t a vegetarian anymore. Busy with preparations for her sister’s wedding, she asked me:
-Do you go to weddings?
-Yes, I go. Why not to go, it’s for good.
-‘Cos you are specific.
That’s what I wanted she to think about me. Different from the others. Crazy.

We ate hot dogs.

Along the way we met Muhammed who told her where he had been and asked her where do they make tea. In private she told me she hung out with him. It depends who understands what under “hanging out”. He was from Turkey, paid 9.000 denars for his apartment (after all it wasn’t a rude question) and didn’t want to say his age. She commented “He’s stupid”. The fake me said “Uh-mm” although I didn’t mean it as it’s in contradiction with the religion, but didn’t want she to suspect. She probably gossips me so.

Andrea told me the Electrotechnics password and headed me to the copy shop where the book “Basics of Programming” was. There, I told the lady I’ll come tomorrow just to see Andrea standing with Muhammed. This time he was inviting her to his apartment on tea (which confirmed my theory about their hanging out) but she was constantly attached to the transport. When he looked at me I said “Not now”, she replied “Another time”.

A guy asked us where there is a bookstore at the mall. He was looking at me, but Andrea took over. I feel now she feels as competition! Last time it was that I didn’t hang out, now about weddings… but I’m sure I’m changed a lot from last year. She’s not strong enough to fall under her influence.

-Will you go? – I asked her.
-What’s going on with you, to go at his place?
-Why not?
-…Well then they’ll talk I went at a Turk.
Is it important what they say or how you feel?
-What difference does it have if he’s a Turk? Shouldn’t all people be treated the same?
-There is a difference.
-What kind of difference?
-If you want go.
Ooo! She was copying my style about her going to the dorm and Greg alone: “If you want go”. I would certainly go, if he invites me.

With her, I was kind of showing the real me, but she discriminates! If she wants to hang out with him sincerely, she’ll have to accept – him and his offers.

We went on the bus station as she felt sick, she was doing what she does the best there too.

On the road I it was weird to me that I don’t stammer at all in Stip.

Home, I hoped that God will forgive me for eating meat on Wednesday. Is “I forgot” an excuse?

When M. came, I told him I had a good time, but not great.


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