Tuesday 16.10.2012

Traveling with the high school students to Stip not to get late on Maths.

It was the fake me in the bus. I couldn’t remember how a song (“My boo”) was going.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are a horror to me. Being with the first and the Business Computer Studies group, the guys from my group kind of forget me.

Andrea called me to go in the yard with her friends as it was early, I refused her. Instead I went in amphitheater 2 and sat in the third row as it would be too exposing in the first and I’d have to sit next to a girl in the second one. After Andrea saw me I thought she could have assumed they might have called me. I didn’t realise that the guy I sat next to was the one from Spanchevo I call number 1 from the populars. Next to him was his fatty friend I’ll call number 2 and when their friend (number 3) arrived, he asked them why didn’t keep Usher_and_Alicia_Keys_-_My_Boo_-_CD_coverhim place. Wow, I was the reason for it.

I was surrounded with guys from four sides and I wasn’t feeling uncomfortable. In fact I could remember of the song’s chorus Is it possible it to be a result of the multiple personality disorder?

On the lecture, Munin was late, the professor asked a girl if she knew where Prnalia is. Surprisingly, he positioned himself in the second row. While he was looking back, I smiled him, to which he winked me (looks like it’s a typical greeting for the Turks), and I returned it. The #1 guy sometimes smiled to me after his comments. Munin was talking to Tim next to him. I assumed Tim and logically the others were looking me different from them, that’s why my instances for speaking that long could easily be counted. Similarly, previously on the going out, the #3 leaned his arm on my shoulder, but quickly pulled it back, recognising me. Not only with different eyes, with different feelings too. We’ll see with what kind of eyes they’ll look God.

Yet, I wasn’t disappointed. Four years are ahead of us. They’ll catch me in a very relaxed mood eventually and see the real me and when I bite, I don’t let easily. Even if I want my teeth don’t allow it. After they see my real abilities, specially through the media, they will run lie dogs after me.

I rewrote from #1 as I couldn’t see well on the board. Even though the mathematical procedure seemed unclear to me, I can take another job – host my TV show, be a writer, a journalist, an actor… I didn’t go there to be an engineer.

On the second break, out of the row in order the others to come out, Tim asked me if I understand what we learn Maths. Andrea shared his group, I shared his gender. I said I didn’t, but I’ll learn it. He also asked me if I study the other subjects and what do I do at home. Why they want to know so much?
It was my turn, otherwise I could’ve lost him, so I asked:
-You were Tim?
He said:
-He is Tim, I’m Benjamin.
-Didn’t we meet each other? – now the real Tim asked me. -You have forgotten.
-I forget. – I said.
Then, Tim called Benjamin out. He accepted and even though he didn’t make it real, he thought of inviting me with them. That means to me too.

I was glad I swapped their identities although I found the actual Tim (Timothy) on Facebook. It was very human to do it. It’s normal.

Sitting happily, I heard the “it” girl came to see the new Nelson. He asked her who are playing football tonight, and she – “Don’t get on my nerves”. A-haa. And previously Emily invited him to come with her. So, he’s one of those…

Later, Munin asked me:
-How’s it going?
-Good. Why were you late this morning?
-I overslept. Is there someone here from your place? …
Andrea wasn’t there to show her to him.

I asked him how many roommates he lives with – six! He told me his apartment is at the traffic lights, he is satisfied with its conditions and I asked him something I maybe shouldn’t:
-How much do you pay?
It was the first thing I could think of looking him in eyes, plus I’ve been asked many more shameless questions by people I didn’t feel close.

We saw the I.T. professor nervous for the first time. She even expelled the Kumanovo guy because he was talking a lot. #1 then didn’t address me often, under the assumption that he saw a part of me while speaking to Munin, he obviously didn’t expect I had.

In the hall, Al from Preevytip said “Hi” to me. They’ll learn the order gradually.

Waiting on the bench, a girl came next to me. She asked me if I mind the cigarette and she moved from the other side. She was from Berovo studying Computer Science (year II). I told her it’s difficult to me, she advised me to study for the colloquiums, not to wait for exams. We had a mutual acquaintance: Sammy’s prom partner Sally.
I never got her name.

The freshy arrived Andrea asked me if I wanted to go on coffee in Preevytip with Nelson (who?) and Andie, I decided not to saying “I don’t know them enough”. Simply, the real me refused the fake me.

In the bus she asked me if I wanted to go to Zlox by car with the person she sat with I said “I don’t know her enough” although it was looking more like a man when it climbed out of the bus. Is this part of the good Andrea?

In Preevytip, I turned around to greet Derek V..

I came home with Dean’s taxi.

Al saw me from the window and waved me:
-Where are you, buddy?
He considers me as friend! I enjoy in the status. Another guy asked me what was I drinking. Grandma asked me “Did you meet them”, I answered “Ehee”.

On the lunch I told grandma I didn’t went on “coffee” (Wait, she didn’t call me to go on a lie like the last time, right?) because If I had spoken, they would have asked me later. Not that I can’t handle – I would just have to use unchristian methods for it.

At around 2:10 p.m., Stanley saw me and told Ducky:
-There’s this one.
I hid behind the curtain as my smile was inevitable. I was happy anyway. We haven’t been in a situation like this since… I don’t count since when.

Later I had a Facebook friend request though I was quite certain it was somebody from the faculty – it was someone from my ex-bus – Marky. Accepted him. While at Facebook, in the evening, I added Derek V. as friend.

Newsflash: Elaine is going in Serbia. Source: Facebook.

This day’s moral: The friendship with someone you don’t know his/her name is the best!


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