Monday 15.10.2012

[The entire text is based on notes.]

In the bus I saw many familiar faces: Melanie, Sarah, Darryl… none of them helloed me.

I was late for the Linear Algebra practices and I sat in the second desk. I wasn’t quite fast while writing from the board. #1 from the popular guys who was also late sat next to me. He asked me how much space he should leave. I wasn’t looking at him. I was happy that God and I had each other.

I went to copy the rest of the Electrotechnics material.

Back at the faculty I was sitting alone in the third floor hall waiting for the Linear Algebra lecture. A student came to take a remote from a cleaner that reminded of a vibrator. Later, 3 happy guys colleagues of mine were waiting too. One of them looked like a hybrid animation of Derek V., because he was tall and thin, and Rob T., who seemed like he was his voice actor, plus was smiled. A colleague asked me if there was anyone in the lecture room.

A guy sitting next to me was antisocial too. One of the three happy guys from behind asked me to open the window. I tried to but I couldn’t open it.
-It can’t.
One talked about me. Another one of them told him:
-You don’t know him, don’t touch him.
But I didn’t want it…

Andrea asked me if we’d practice together, I told her it was still early. She was fit in with the female Turk. I’ll be calling the happy guys mines 2 because of their closeness. The guy next to me moved out. One of the popular guys asked me where I was from.

After Linear Algebra I went to walk.

I saw Munin who told me the faculty was difficult to him.

On the B.P. practices I sat in the third row next to the mines 2, but I didn’t have any luck with the PC. One of them asked me if it wasn’t working, I told him it was broken down. The Hybrid said I had “fucked it up”. I moved on the other side.

While I was walking to the bus station, the mines 2 were walking ahead of me. Two of them separated after greeting the other one. When I got equal remaining guy, he passed the street. Do they not want me so much?

I was sad on the bus station. Do I need to cry in order they to understand me, because I can. I was very disappointed.

LG-logo-F03F0D557D-seeklogo.comI saw a woman sitting close to me that looked like Lady Adele. She had the same hair that had the same style, the same color, she was wearing black clothes which matched her style, she had a LG phone like her and voice that didn’t say it wasn’t her. She must have seen me. … I looked aside, then looked at her. We looked at each other. It wasn’t her, but a younger lady. We got off our looks quickly.

Why do I need life if I’m not living it? I didn’t succeed in my target. They don’t want me.

It was 15 of October – Sarah’s birthday, so I headed to Preevytip. In the bus, close to me was Nodi, Virginia’s mother.
-Nicky is that you? – She addressed me.
gallbladder-100901-02I heard shocking news she told to another woman: Virginia’s brother had a gallbladder surgery, she was coming from the hospital as he was on intensive care. She was satisfied by the body line this former Facebook addict has now. The reason was his extreme worriedness for not passing an exam despite the bunches of emails he sent to the professor and he was hiding it.

After telling me to tell the bus driver where to stop, Nodi and I got off the bus together. I named her before I left.

On Sarah’s birthday I learnt that she got the only A on their first Math test from the whole generation thanks to me i.e. my old test I gave her. So I was worth nonetheless. There was someone who appreciates me. The cake was wonderful as always.


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