Thursday 11.10.2012

A day off.

In the morning, Zane and his friends were waiting for Sarah opposite my house. After they saw me on the window, the left. Soon, Sarah showed up. She saw me, I hid behind the curtain, I unhid – there wasn’t sense, at least for the twelve grades spent together.
-Hi Nick.
-Hi Sarah (smiled, of course).
-What are you doing?
-Nothing, on the window.
-I don’t see you in Stip.
-Me neither.
-…Do you travel? With Andrea?
-Yes, I travel. Together.
We were both quite. It was expected a question from me. But… everyone nearby would hear me, except that… where was she to me? To show closeness so she can later gossip me that I am “moved”?
-So why can’t I see you?
-I don’t know, my timetable is mixed up.
-Come on see you. – She said.
-Come on.
I know it looked selfish but “res, non verbis”! Anyway, my appearance, my smile, my answers were sincere. I see I missed that Sarah I used to know.

In the evening at 18:27, A.B. via his grandma sent me a link of which I initially thought it was virus, but it turned out to be a Serbian Youtube song. I was thinking to reply him, asking if it was a mistake, but mum said no. And then… 10 minutes later…
-hey nick
No, it wasn’t a mistake.
whos there
Yes, I was chatting with him. At last, a promising contact!
He escaped the answer:
-do you have a girlfriend
-i dont
-why so
-cos i havent found
-so what are you waiting for?
-to relax first
-uh huh
are you
Like he didn’t know it. Well, when he is fake, I can be fake too:
-yes, i mean i was, and how do you know me grandma?
-i know you
how wont I know you
-and how old are you? are you sick?

“She” claimed to be 67, unwalkable. I was asked what I study and where. “She” lied to me that “she” had 3 old grandchildren out of Zlox that I don’t know. Also a lie – “she” knew my grandma, but I wrote grandma didn’t remember “her”, to which “she” managed that “she” lives in Preevytip. Then it followed my sending link from grandma R.’s Facebook profile, her questions about pension and about my family and her interest of my future plan. At 19:16 “she” went offline. He probably sent our conversation to some of his friends, but I was aware of it from the beginning. I decided next time he, I mean “she” writes to me, to expose him. There’s no need of lies. This means to me too, now he knows I want to relax or I’m already doing it. Meanwhile, for my conversation I put my status online, excluding Barbara T.’s possibility to see me like that. At 19:00 o’clock, something I expected in the summer happened – Miranda wrote to me. I was surprised that we didn’t chat before, considering our closeness “lately”. I learnt she went на Social work and social politics in Skopje and that she came to Zlox for Ilinden. She asked me if I chatted with Sally. She told her about our little chat and I wondered if Sally loved me just as a friend. She said she didn’t know and “… if anything else at least you will stay friends”. One more in row…

At least Sally did tell her that I wrote to her, is this a sign? Nah.

Later, Barbara G. had written to me but I didn’t see as my computer went slow.



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