Tuesday 09.10.2012

o-CIGARETTES-facebookOn the road a man approached me, giving me cigarettes to pass to some Dean. That Dean was Dean from the bus. He said to me “Thanks Nick”, and I – “Nothing”.

In the bus a woman who knew me asked me some questions. Andrea didn’t climb in the bus. Who did she leave with?

The Math professor had understanding for me. I sat next to a male from who I rewrote because of my lateness + I didn’t see that far. On the break when I asked Andrea who she arrived with, she told me with the students. It wasn’t all the same to me, not so much because I was late, but because she drove with Lester, not I. At least I know for the next time.

On the break I turned around just to find Munin sitting with a friend.

On the next break, I saw Munin coming with the elder Turk. I could turn my head to the other side, yet I allowed him to tell me “Hello”. He “helloed”, and I “Munin”. The other Turk smiled and winked me.
-Where is there place? – Munin asked me for his friend.
-There’s place here. – Normally I showed the place next to me, but the Turk chose to sit ahead, in the second row. Should I sit next to him? This is a fight for survival… Andrea encouraged me moving to the front row. The tiny picture of the I.T. professor that entered, was a sufficient reason for me to “take my rags” and go next to the elder Turk. After I “helloed” him, I asked him for his name, he answered me “Good” understanding it as “How are you”. He was very close with the girl next to him, also Turkish. How come the male Turks are dark, but the females aren’t? After he handed me the list, he gave me his pen too, not that I don’t have mine. He wanted to see something more from it, from which I learnt his name was Muhammed. Later he asked me how long the “jesson” lasts. I explained him that we are supposed to have 2 lessons with pauses and that we would finish after the professor finishes with the presentation. Someone threw in “pause” and “halftime” from behind after seeing a real ability of mine. Je suis désolé garcons, but you should know that the bait doesn’t always stay at the same place, at least not in my life. At the end the Turk asked me if it was a pause or the end. In the hall, the Kumanovo guy hugged Muhammed asking him:
-Do you jerk off?
… I couldn’t hear Muhammed who also hugged him, but the Kumanovo guy was clear: “It doesn’t matter. A good ass is important”, after which Muhammed asked where was he from. Is this how a spiritual relationship is built? After the exit the Spanchevo guy from yesterday smiled at me obviously because I didn’t show any closeness. Andrea asked me where would I go, after what I joined her in the waiting. While she was doing what she does the best – speaking to not-so familiar persons, Victoria (the one from student affairs) told me “Hello” without seeing her, and the Math assistant greeted me too. I got cheerful and the guy with Andrea was looking at me. Andrea and I quickly found taxi in Preevytip.

Home, after the eighth grader finished with lessons, Al saw me from the window and told Alex. He told me “Hi”, the one who said to Lester he was crazy after making his first contact with me the summer. I responded and Al also said:
– historically marking the first time we had a verbal contact. He waved me twice, I was waving to him as well. We were smiling.

Around 3 o’clock I saw Al who was about to go to training from my terrace. I’m not quite sure but he pretended as he didn’t see me. Who would say that the “Just don’t you ever be ashamed of me” moment would come so fast?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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