Monday 08.10.2012

Some of the mines were looking at me, I decided not to look at them, having in mind that they won’t say anything to me. If I successfully hid that we travel at approximately same time, today I would stop as my bus went off before theirs.

In Stip mum was giving me instructions on the phone how to find the copy shop for the Electrotechnics book. When I finally did, it was closed. Up at the Campus 2, while I was waiting for Linear Algebra practices, our handsome unshaved guy told me “They’re ours”, but we were returned by the assistant cancelling our lesson. Then a guy asked what group I am from.

On the road two colleagues asked me whether we would have Linear Algebra and whether in lecture room ten. Yes, yes. I should have continued with them, but they were rushing. The woman in the copy shop was very kind.

After I found lecture room 10 on floor 3, I sat in the hall where I was joined by the first group. A guy who I sat with the last time shook hands with me. When the time came, inside I chose to sit in the second desk from the lonely column. Marcus said to me:
-Come here, bro. Or alone so how I’ll know?
I arrived in the first desk next to him. He asked me if I was fine and if I was very fine – I wasn’t. Then after learning if I had a girlfriend, he wanted me to choose someone from the first row. I knew it wasn’t serious, when I choose, I choose by soul, accordingly it was the fake me so…
-The one from the end. – I said.
-The one from the end. Ah she’s good.
Do you doubt me? And he was saying to me to choose from the other rows too. I dismissed Andrea, and you know well why. The big fat popular guy asked me where am I from. Marcus answered.
-Males, to tell you beware of him cause he’s hitting on males too.
– said the most handsome guy from the entire direction Computer Studies – I year with the most beautiful (and whitest!) teeth sitting in the first desk from the other column. He significantly more looked Marcus than me. Let it be. You show yourself from the beginning. The new Linear Algebra professor was speaking interesting.

On the road the popular guy from before was calling: “From Zlox!”. He showed me to come after the third time. He hugged me and asked me if I travel every day, how distanced are the places and if I had a girlfriend. He said he predicted I had straight A’s in gymnasium.

I was walking with the group in the first row. Who would say? Near the faculty he told me he is first group. Aha, so he was the most popular from both groups. On the road Ashley’s cousin, Al, the one who eavesdropped the sexual conversation between me and uncle
Nicholas, said “Hi” to me, I responded to him smilingly. dev-c-loadJust like I said they WILL come to me first. After the walk, in the FES’s hall, some colleagues inquired me regarding the Electrotechnics book. They made jokes with the group that had practices, I didn’t laugh. I made a mistake that I sat in the first row, and next to me sat girls. There wasn’t even Dev C++. I wasn’t shy to talk to the assistant.

[The continuation is based on notes.]

I went out after the practices finished, but I didn’t go where I came from. Instead, I started to go after the students, so I took a wrong path. I went after two guys, but they entered somewhere. As I was trying to come out of the unknown, one of them looked at me from the door and said:
-From here?
It was from a copy shop and it referred to the Electrotechnics book.
-No. On the one-way.
-Is there one one-way in Stip?
-Where are you from?
-From Spanchevo.
-What street do you come from?
-The main one? – The other guy asked.
– Take me to there. – I asked them as I was lost.
We headed, but it occurred to the other guy they could copy from mine there where they intended to. We retuned and the first one asked me if I know Douglas Atterberry from Zlox. I did, but I didn’t know what faculty he is now on. While waiting for their copies, an older man started a conversation with us outside. After I told him I am from Zlox, the man revealed:
-I’m from Zlox too, but I’m not that shy.
To my question, he explained he originated from some potters, but he moved a long time ago. He advised me not to be shy, to what I said:
-I won’t embarrass Zlox.
The books for the guys were completed. The first guy told me not to rush, offering to take me with his car to the bus station. After the second guy said goodbyes to me and his friend, I got in the car. On the front seat! I asked the colleague if he travelled with the car every day to Stip and back. Yes and he was uncertain if he’d find someone to ride. I gave him hope he would. This new experience meant happiness for me.  Before I left I told him “Thanks. Bye.” At the next moment, those words were part of my memory, but it was like I didn’t say them. Was I developing a multiple personality disorder?

It was later that I realised those two colleagues are the popular guys from our group.


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