Thursday 04.10.2012

This morning the high school bus passed before me. In the bus for Stip, I didn’t see Andrea.

I walked in the town as I had my lectures starting at 10:00.

In the faculty’s hall, I realised that the last time, Munin didn’t say “Au revoir” to me, but “Merhaba”. I sat a place away from the other anti-social guy listening to our lectures. Another colleague greeted us, Nelson said “Where are you” to me. In the Amphitheater 2, I chose to sit in the third row, and in front of me – the older Turk with his friends. So, I had four guys as competition, not one. The plus side: God is on my side. Marcus, one seat away from me called the A.S. guy from the last row. “Bro, come here, come closer”, but he refused. Why? From the door, the employee that toured us the first time informed us we wouldn’t have Electrotechnics.

On the road, when a guy passed over me, said “Bye colleague” to whom I smilingly replied “Bye”. I was helloed by Andrea’s ex-roommate and earlier by another girl. It will be. I am convinced in myself. Back at the building I asked a guy what they were to. Apparently Munin wasn’t in his group. Waiting for Maths practices, a student asked me what I studied and what my name was. I dared to ask him the same questions, getting “Math” and “Joseph”, then exchanging our places of living. He is from Strumica. Then the girls invaded the place. I met some Irene. Interesting. Soon or later, I will prosper. I had the privilege the three most popular guys from my group to sit next to me. However – no action. I should have sat next to Joseph as he was left alone. I wanted to fly high, but it remained just a reverie. Let it be, if the next time those from Maths attend with us, my next target’s name is Joseph. Modest and decent guy.

I understood the method of solving the exercises, but I’m not sure how much can I manage. If I want…

Leaving, I wasn’t discouraging myself. I have four years. Those that have seen the real me haven’t regretted. I WILL succeed in life. I know it. Friends of mine aren’t needed for my salutation. I always have God. I was traumatised, yet miracles are possible.

Even without Andrea, again I wasn’t completely satisfied by my day. But things are improving day by day. Tranquility matters.


“Revenge” actor Joshua Bowman

You know what? I should go to that party. Although I feel like my whole life is proving, I need to prove myself once and for all.

M. commented “Weren’t you gonna relax when you’d start?”

In the evening I received a visit from the doctor. She was interested about my faculty and advised me to relax. I’m going in a positive direction.

New rule: Don’t be afraid to be great” thanks to Joshua Bowman.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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