Tuesday 02.10.2012

Intending to cheer myself up, I went out earlier, but only a few students were waiting in front of the post office. Soon, both busses were coming, the “mines” were coming towards the target too. Like we were walking together, and I was their leader. Rob D. looked at me, but stopped when I looked at him. We were both serious.

I sat next to Andrea because she called me.

As she said the lecture started at 7:30, so we were late.
-Why are you late?
I let Andrea explain to the professor, as she doesn’t believe in me. When other can make effort for me, why would I?
-Because there isn’t earlier bus from Zlox – she said to which the professor replied we to walk on foot. I just mentioned to myself of my sense of humor.

Еh now I ABSOLUTELY didn’t allow myself making same mistakes. She went in the back rows, I sat next to a male in the second row. To the one I other sat next.

The material was incomprehensible to me again, and I also couldn’t see the numbers. On the breaks the others were communicative. I saw Munin in the last row, then I saw him looking at a notebook with a friend, later we only briefly looked at each other, he redirected his view. Why are people afraid from me?

The I.T. teacher was standardly fine, I saw Munin with the other Turk (just to say I won’t give up from him. Now I choose the harder way), then I met my index number – 101392.

Andrea was undoubtedly persistently waiting for me. What’s on her mind? How come until now like we didn’t know each other, from this month like we are twins? 1 word: USE. So it was good to her with the other friends, and when she doesn’t have who with – with me. I mean with the fake me. I am not allowing this to me. Like my father said when I didn’t have Internet “Now you see who your friends are”. That’s right. In the yard, Nelson asked her if she was leaving with the bus at 11:45, she was, she wasn’t leaving with him.

[The continuation is based on notes.]

She wouldn’t understand I didn’t want to come with her.

At the bus station, Andrea was looking for a 10-denar coin in order to buy
coffee from the coffee machine. I didn’t have, so she asked a man for it. She evenzapalovač asked several strangers for a “lighter” as this smoker didn’t have one! She asked me for my phone, then she took it and exchanged our numbers. Yesterday I thought it was a battle. THIS IS WAR!

It’s not so bad in the bus as long as I have a male friend.

The evening the godmother and Marsha came to our house. The godmother wanted to know why had I removed on Facebook that I study faculty. I refused to answer, but I did tell the reason to Marsha – it was because I missed high school and I think the godmother and mum heard me. My contact with Marsha was sincere.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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