Thursday 27.09.2012

This time I didn’t wait for the “mines” to “zing” first. I believed in myself.

I seriously approached them, who were protruded forward waiting. Passing by them Stanley and Rob were looking at me smiled, I was looking at them too. I smiled too when I saw the amount of happiness I caused. It was 100% real. Why wouldn’t I dare? We shared the same gender, had the same sexuality, not to mention a past in common.
… but when I looked at Brian whose eyes were pointed at me, he was serious and turned his head to the left, so I got serious too. Come on, until when will we pretend each other? Further was standing Dave, also looking at me. My historical
He returned it to me.
New establishment in our relations. If the things aren’t happening by themselves, I will make them happen.
Then I asked a man outside if that was the bus for Stip as I saw no driver inside. It was.
It’s wonderful when your morning starts with a smile.

On the bus station I said “Hi Dustin” to him, he blinked and rolled his eyes to the other side upwards. Nevertheless other people love me. Only I on Earth know in what kind of undesired situation I was the previous day.

My lectures started from 10, so I walked across the town. I sat on a bench in the park. A grandma came next to me as the other bench was sprinkled from watering the grass. She asked me where was I from, I referred Zlox as a village. She was interested regarding the transport and the expenses and she told me she had a granddaughter who had a teacher from Zlox – Liza whose father died last year. I knew what Liza she was talking about, but she didn’t knew her father, neither where she lives.

I arrived on the faculty at 9:35. In the upstairs hall, Munin who I didn’t see called me. Imagine, from so many students him. I believe he said “Au revoir” to me. He asked me for how many lessons of absence points are subtracted, I couldn’t say. From his answers I found out that he’s staying in Stip at the center. I took his opened Maths notebook, there wasn’t anything for the first lesson. He said:
-That from the first time I don’t have.
-Cause you didn’t understand the professor.
-Cause I didn’t carry a pen.
Now he was sincere.
He had his time table printed which read at 10 o’clock they had a lecture at lecture room 3. I said:
-C’mon we’ll find it together. I know where it is.
We went downstairs where he met some friends, one directioned him. After the separation Munin said to me:
-There’s your friend…
…my friend? Derek V.? No, just someone on Computer Science.
-…go with him. I know the way.
-No let it. This way I’ll lose time.
Not on the first, the lecture room was on the second floor. Andie was looking at me and I and Munin waved each other. He asked Andie if she’s on Business Computer Studies, I left. In the amphitheater 2, I sat in the first row next to a male. We didn’t meet each other. The Electrotechnics professor was very pleasant, but his subject was very incomprehensible to me. I thought it was about Computer parts, but it was Physics. A lot of Physics, the hardest yet. We have a homework.

The Maths practices were reserved separately for our group at lecture room 3 where a diploma work was taking place. Most were in groups, I was standing alone from the other side. I recognised Vanessa alone right opposite me looking through the window. The others occasionally looked at me. Some girls joined my side. When the revelers got out, entering in the first ones, I had a chance to choose where to sit. I sat in the first desk, but not next to the girl, meaning at the end, a boy knowing the girl filled the gap. I wasn’t interested in the exercises. I was hungry. The girl next to the boy next to me went out and solved an exercise.

We finished at 1:45. I rushed for the bus, and inside there wasn’t place, so Sarah’s cousin stood up where I sat, and he sat on the floor.

Home I was feeling very bad. Tired. I was sick having 38.5 ˚C temperature.

Mum wanted I to offer Facebook friendship to Vanessa, as she thinks I don’t hang out because I hadn’t written the missed Maths. Grandma Debra said I should have a female friend too. Why they don’t understand I don’t tell them everything?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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