22.09.2012 – 24.09.2012

Saturday 22.09.2012

The day we made ajvar.

Looking a photo from Darryl with Mary and Melanie in the school yard, I felt nostalgic about those days. No matter how bad it was, I wanted the fake me back.

In the evening, after a long time mum and I went out for a walk, dad was tired for it. On the returning, after mum showed me a “Creshovo topche” bus, ahead of us 3 guys were coming. I looked at the first one, he was looking at me. I couldn’t recognise his face in the dark, but his hood gave him away – Dave. Nothing. We passed each other. Then I turned around. He wasn’t looking back.

My longly expected “Hello” to them in a morning was separated from me. I intentionally chose the least frequent street not to bump with them. Earlier that day, from the window I saw Ducky and according to my eyes without glasses he saw me too, but he acted like he didn’t. Exactly them…

Clearly they joined those people who think I’m crazy. My mind decided to act in front them like the summer never existed. After all they wanted that.

On Ni Ck I shared:

“People that know me well know that as much as I can be good, I can be bad. I can be strong as much as I can be vulnerable. Have in mind that I am not the only one who loses. I won’t underestimate myself, God didn’t created me for that. Eventually, you will come first again. Love you.”

Isn’t it that way?

I don’t believe in fate anymore.


Sunday 23.09.2012

Nothing special.


Monday 24.09.2012

We went to pick the rest of the grapes on the vineyard.

The rest of the day – mostly on the Internet.

I was excited, but I didn’t feel ready for the university the following day because of the eyebrows that weren’t even grown for 10%.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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