Thursday 20.09.2012

Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Matthew 15:14

Will I meet the mines on the road? Will I get off in front of the faculty? Will they notice my eyebrows? Will I buy food? What time will I come back? Will I decide to go tomorrow?


I had many questions for today. I didn’t leave at 7:05 as mum told me, but waited the school bus to pass first. Grandma said they’ll call me a “girl” because of my tweezed eyebrows. On the “clean road” Sean (co- villager) asked me where was I going and did I transfer to Stip, I told him I’m going to faculty.

The minibus didn’t stop in front of Campus 2, on the bus station I saw Dustin. I said:
-Dustin… hi.
-Where are you?
We touched our hands on his initiative.

I ran towards my destination. I was a bit late and I asked a professor about the location of lecture room 3. There was nobody inside it, but there was a solved exercise on the board.DSC00009 (3) After my consultation with mum, I went to go at last time’s presenter’s office, but I took a wrong path. A mother accompanying her son freshman asked me to which faculty I am and if they gave us the indexes. So, I wasn’t the only mommy’s boy.

I managed to find the office, but I wasn’t daring to enter because next to the door there was the name of the dean prof. Wes Griffin. A lady with a cup came from the opposite room and asked me what do I want. I explained her my situation, she told me that the dean was coming at 8:30, but that his secretary was inside. The woman left and I finally had courage to knock at the door and enter. Unfortunately it was locked. I went outside and sat on the same bench I did last time. Mum told me there was a bus at 8:45, but to wait until 8:30. I waited and the girl that was in charge on the signing on was going towards the faculty. She was looking at me:
-Hello. – I told her.
-Hello. – she returned it back.
I asked her if we were having lectures, she said “no”, but I said “…a colleague of mine told me we had Maths”. She suggested us to find her, but I told her “she told mum yesterday”. After her official confirmation that our lectures start from the next week, she told me they had Maths, but it wasn’t a lecture but introduction. I asked her about which group am I from, so we went at the famous office, where the dean’s secretary had the list. As soon as she opened Excel I approached to see but it wasn’t it. Victoria, that was the name of the lady that guided me which I had confused it with the girl from the last time, laughed. When the right file was opened they found me at the second group. Victoria even remembered my surname!
-Are you looking the others who you are with? – She asked me.
-You will meet each other.
We were alphabetically sorted but I couldn’t see the first 6 students. I said to the secretary:
Andrea wasn’t there. Good for me. She was the only one always to be in a same class with me since pre-elementary. I thanked them and rushingly arrived at the bus station. I was disappointed. Why did I go there? My mum decided to listen her colleague – other people I to get affirmed at the beginning. Most tragically of all, I listened to other people. The big plus side: this happened on the very beginning. From now on I will be more confident in my decisions.

Home, mum wanted I to change the group because of the transport – our group had a lecture until 4 o’clock in Thursday, but I considered this as my luck.

M. came. I knew it. He wanted I to give him report, which I thoughtfully did it. Admittedly I told him I wandered in a basement and got back. – I told him because I wanted he to know the worst version of me. For a matter of fact, I did take wrong stairs, but I intentionally decided to go down just to see how it looks like. Dad entered and said that I went to Stip to learn the faculty (the building) to adapt. Really? So the whole thing… and I decided to listen…
I simply said to him:
-I can try, but it’s worthless.
Definitely. It’s THEIR child they mistreat, their money was being spent, it’s them who have lowered opinion at their son for working behind my back. How come some people shine full of spirituality and others don’t… don’t deserve to finish the sentence.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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