Wednesday 19.09.2012

Around 7:15, while I was looking the kids going to school, mum in distress (either cried either rushed) called me to tell me Andrea’s mother told her Andrea went to Maths lecture the previous day. The professor was very strict asking them why didn’t they choose another faculty when they didn’t know the exercise. I didn’t worry. I have been told that the lectures start next week. It’s not my problem if I had been lied. So what if I missed a lecture, this is voluntarily, not like the school lesson. How many times do I have to REPEAT that my only one reason why it was all the same to me to sign to any faculty with vague female minority was my socializing? Obviously mum still thought I was the same. She told me to check the timetable how many lectures I have, to get ready to go later if I had. Meanwhile she was trying to reach the C.S. section of U.G.D., but it was too early. Only one lecture was standing for Wednesday. I obeyed to mum to write an email asking Victoria about the lessons’ start and group belonging. Ultimately, the dean picked up the phone and told her they indeed had Maths, but it was only “introductional part” and that I being from Zlox, I didn’t have to come for the rest of the week. Btw he said his parents were from Zlox and mum told him his parents baptized my father. Again familiarity.

At 7:47 Victoria e-mailed me that the lectures start next week and about the group, to follow UGD’s web site.
-Will you go tomorrow? – mum asked me.
-No, but I’ll think again.
I wanted she to decide.

At midday dad came close to the kids who were waiting for their transport opposite my house to ask them if their van rides students. As I could hear the answer was “No. Hardly.” The thing was about me, he got no permission from me and he wanted me to trust him. How?

In the afternoon dad and I went to the vineyard.

Mum was more for “go” than “not ”. It was already decided. Lying in bed, I was feeling bad. Like I was becoming sick. I overate, but big part had my going to Stip too. How come now? Why? It’s not my fault Andrea didn’t come with me to hear we had absolutely no lectures for the week. Probably the professors agreed to attend lectures because they felt sorry for the students that came. Introductional? Is their salary “Introductional” too? Misunderstanding from the beginning. I lowered my opinion about the university. I mean why lies? Since we were told to be free someone may have gone on holiday. Why there has to be something? I didn’t want it to be perfect, I just wished it was great.

After my brief sleeping, mum left to the ticket-woman to get information about a monthly ticket to Stip, but she was at her workplace. Her daughter wasn’t sure and mum had an encounter with the man who drives the van for the Stip’s high school pupils who told her I can ride with it if I have lectures until 7 p.m.. That means I am riding ride with Lester?

Home, when a vehicle passed, she told me it was the van she talked about. On the window, I saw no one got off from it, but I was persistent and waited. Soon, Lester and two other guys dad asked earlier passed. He asked:
-Where are you?
And waved me. I waved him back. I heard:
-Like that.
Yes, somebody is happy for me. I have a significance to him. It boosted my mood although mum was embarrassed being in the same room with me.

I kind of accepted my current eyebrows, but was very eager to have braces, yet to her it didn’t seem reality.
-Will I have teeth like these my whole life?
-Don’t… don’t fuck me up.
It was a shock for me.

Btw Sarah’s plan for coming to Zlox the next day was changed due to them going to dentist in Stip. Mum told Marlyn to ask if they support braces for people over 18. I’m a persistent person.


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