Wednesday 12.09.2012

Dream: Waiting the New Year with the girls from my class and Marsha. Boki 13 didn’t show up even after 1:40.

I like Ducky’s sister like a love interest. Her appearance is quite changed lately making her more tender and she’s very friendly.

RotatedMum brought me a bag for faculty.

Reason for not having Internet: Not paid bills.

In the late afternoon I and mum went at grandma’s who arrived from Kastonitz. From the window I saw Marcus on Pigs walking with my neighbor Tim asking him:
-Are there pussies?
-There are. Just they block me a lot.
On Facebook and Marcus told him something he paid 48 denars for unblock. My point is: What world did we grow in? What kind of example will they be to their children? Why are the real values lost?

Religion requires obligation, it’s not an activity in our free time. How can they believe in God and do stuff like that? It’s not their fault. They were taught that way. They live for the moment. I hate boasting, but the one who will take me will enjoy in her trip to eternity. Anyway, I prayed for them. Personally, living a Christian live is not hard, I consider this for more normal life than the ordinary one.

Sarah’s mother was supposed to come tomorrow to make pindjur and Sarah should join her with the school bus. I knew it’ll happen sooner or later, but she refused this time ‘cos she preferred to study at home.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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