06.09.2012, 07.09.2012

Thursday 06.09.2012

It was 8:45, time when the kids were supposed to be at school, but Lester was driving his bike.
He returned, he went for a ride again and on his second returning I wanted to ask him about his school, but… I wasn’t sure in his name.
I needed courage. I didn’t ask him, but God gave me the answer:
-Lester how are you?
Another man on another bike used the chance to ask him.
-Aren’t you at school? (Key – question)
-I’m second shift.
A lot clearer.
-Where do you study?
-In Stip.
I passed my head, but I wasn’t able to hear it. Lester turned around and saw me.
So, I can have everything I want. Five years ago, it would be a fantasy.

I was at the window when Al passed. He said to me:
-Here, to you. (Grabbing his crotch.)
Maybe two years ago – Yes.
He was just nervous from before.

Sarah’s report #4:

They practiced “low start” on Sport. They didn’t present theirselves on Maths. She was asked Computer Science for the homework. Next lessons were: Geography, German and English. Molly interrogated. Gloria won’t teach them, Chemistry, but Drush, upon his daughter’s request. For now, Elaine Z. is convincingly the best.


Friday 07.09.2012

Gossip news: I heard Kimberly telling John her baby is female.

Sarah’s report #5: (provided by Facebook)
She was asked multiple questions by their newest Chemistry professor Drush. On History, two guys from Ducky’s class brought a cat in their class. The guys were from Preevytip. She was asked both, Physics and Macedonian. Bernard acts the same like in front of us.

Most of the day I was on my PC and on the window.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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