Wednesday 05.09.2012

Sarah’s report #3:

They repeated Physics from the seventh grade, Sarah answered 3 questions. Bernard told them that he’ll note every answer of theirs. They were late on Chemistry and repeated from the seventh grade which reminded me of my then tempo. Sue doesn’t teach her as she took the project activities lesson and the new Sue took over. The history professor was as I described him to her. She informed me that they have only one project activity as the second activity will be replaced by Business with Adele Allan. Rob was very nice.

6th lesson – Music. Vince asked them questions about his last generation answered by the best one yet Elaine Zachary:

  1. What did Sarah sign on faculty

Expectedly he’d ask about her first when she was granted such an intimate part of his body.

  1. Q: Mary’s faculty
  2. Quote: “Who else was? (Don’t worry, it comes with the age) Nick?”

Answer: Law.

Immediately after it the 3 Zlox girls from the first desk, turned towards Sarah who was shy to say Computer Science. Fake people, fake answers.

  1. Same question about someone from Ratabitz. Another ass-licker.

He commended Mary: “Whatever she says, she does that.” If only you acknowledged her as the best… I didn’t know what to say so I asked Sarah did Vince say something about Sarah. “No”. My spy does her job.

I’m happy I’m so close to Sarah.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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