Tuesday, 04.09.2012

I woke up on time this time. Although the bus had old-new composition, I felt nostalgic about it.

The afternoon after I filled my journal, I wanted to log in to my computer, but as there was a possibility M. to come, I went to eat, so I turned the PC off from the socket, just after I started it. M. came – no surprise. He asked me about the socket, I told him I had changed my mind.

The bus doesn’t stop in front of my house anymore. I finish school and everything changes.

In 5 o’clock, Al was calling Eli. I heard:
-Eli! Eli!
-Where is he?
-Well will he sleep the whole day?
I love it. Nobody has been more open in calling him. He left without him.

I posted my first diary chapter on realrealme.wordpress.com.

Sarah’s report #2: A student dropped their class to join the geological. They lost Maths, she was late on Macedonian. They had Geography, Art, Computer Science and English. She guessed she’d be number 13 in the diary.

Then… profane life again. Mum and I went at Michael’s. Laid on the bed, he asked me:
-Nick do you ever plan in your life to drive a car?
-I don’t plan for now.
Then he listed a few… from my generation that are examining for driving license, I said I didn’t want them to see me. He started to list towns where I’ll drive. Listing Macedonian towns is already his ritual. Like it’s the only thing he knows. I stopped listening to him and prayed for him instead.
-You’re quiet all the time, there isn’t to say “uncle”… to ask me something.
-There isn’t. – I only agreed with him and made little comments.
Of course I’ll distance, I have given him a second chance, but he failed me again. He confessed he came at my place to watch cars because he was bored and I asked me what do I do at home, wasn’t I bored?

I do spirituality, but he wouldn’t understand me. I hate negative energy.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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2 Responses to Tuesday, 04.09.2012

  1. itsmeludo says:

    Hi! I love your posts, I’m new to WP do you think you could check out my blog and leave a comment. I’d love some help from someone more experienced as you! Keep it up!

    • Real real me says:

      Thank you for reading my posts. I’ll check out your blog, I know the feeling of being a new one… but I don’t really have much time. My blog is also unpopular, so I’m just glad with what I have… don’t give up 😉

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