Thursday 30.08.2012

After 11 a.m. I went to grandma’s just because M. called me. I told dad that I don’t really wanna go and even after my opposing, he said he’d come for me in an hour. Approximately two hours later, he came and alleged I told him to take me in half an hour. I would have ignored him but, there were people in the room I cared about, I said:
-Just as you’re saying nothing.
… and I explained grandma and grandad the situation. He left without me.

In the late afternoon I saw Rob T. and Ducky after a long time passing 3 times! The last time, Ducky saw me hiding behind the curtain and told Rob.
-Hee-hee. – Ducky laughed.
They saw my father coming from grandma’s garden and Rob said “Hello” to him.
I don’t live for anyone’s Hello. If I want I can certainly be better than certain people.

nei-poriIn the evening, the doctor called mum asking her was I gonna go on holiday staying at their apartment in Greece from the 1st of September. Without my consultation, mum told him:
-Eh no, no doctor. I’m out of money.
After mum’s phone ran out of battery, she asked me the question.
-It’s all the same to me. – I was already reconcied with the decision that I wasn’t gonna go. Back at the initial news I really hoped, even imagined pictures about the rooms, but now… like I said – it was all the same to me. Usually when one hopes for something and then he is let down, the positive energy one had redirects to negative. Unless it’s sth for sure, I won’t believe to mum’s word. She kept asking me, and I kept assuming she’s doing it because she doesn’t want it to be her fault for my probable not going, so I played music to avoid her. However, I said:
-I don’t know, the summer’s already gone…
I said it although I knew she would use it to justify herself, which she did on the phone with her colleague, Susie. She believed I wouldn’t be open to go in the toilet with Liza there and she was worrying about my problematic eating. “Ееh he tears my nerves at me”, simply she didn’t believe in me enough. And I even started to eat pork… Perhaps it’s better, at least if I try harder with the real me, I wouldn’t care about my parents’ attitude. Love them.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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