24.08.2012, 25.08.2012

Friday 24.08.2012

On Facebook, Mary and I chatted about our faculties.

When Mum came back from work she told me Mary, Roma’s shop assistant told her that “all” the professors commended me that I study, most of all Rob who teaches German. He considers me as the best one, even though he doesn’t teach me. Mum went downstairs to eat, Sally was still online and as a boy I wanted to write her. I did it. I stuck to my scenario: She was great and I was fine. She got used to the moving and was prepared for school – she chose Socio A as direction. She asked about my faculty. She is coming in Preevytip for 28th of August. I asked her if she knows whether Miranda signed to something, she got offline. She previously turned off too when I asked her about the direction to which I googled how to prevent a sent message not to be read and I got the answer myself – delete my Facebook, but then – she was back.
She read my last question and was back again, then she went off and my question remained unanswered. At least she made the thing easier for saying “bye”.

Analyzing her online behavior I concluded that she feels me as a friend, not as love interest. I think I’ll quit unless God unites us.

In the late summer afternoon, Ted, Rob and a guy were waiting opposite my house. I looked at them, they saw me. A car picked them and at the end I appeared completely, Ted saw me. I didn’t think to write this as they kind of know me and we kind of understand each other. I do it because I’m lonely.

In the evening Brenda wrote to me on Facebook that I should go out. She invited me with her and Mary, but Brenda… it’s not that gay me you know from the second year, I’m different now.
It is amazing how some atheists are better than some “Christians”.


Saturday 25.08.2012

I went to grandma’s. She said to me:
-Your female friends will appreciate you a lot, just to behave nicely.
-I don’t need them. – I said.
-Еh what, alone?
Here, I said nothing. Not because I didn’t know, but I stopped the real me. I mean it. I want to get rested from female friends.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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