22.08.2012, 23.08.2012

Wednesday 22.08.2012

The evening Venable Sally was online on Facebook. I had decided to write to her and had developed a scenario in my head. I energetically closed the door and the happiness laid on my face by itself but “Should I write? Should I dare?”, I didn’t know if we were that close. My thoughts were interrupted by a road quarrel by Marsha and her friend Iris. I went out on the window.
-You want all the people to hear us?! – Iris asked her.
-Nick don’t be stupid. – Marsha was below my window.
I wasn’t even thinking to give her a comment. It wasn’t worth and she was viciously waiting for it.
I will be stupid, just like she was stupid in the bus to Daniel “Don’t bother the kid”. She has no authority towards me, I am not that Nick she used to know. If she is a misfit, we can’t create imaginary word for her. I kept watching, they sat on a little wall at my neighbours.
-Nick. – Iris was walking towards me. I hid. No one but God can order me what to do.
They left and Sally was still online. This time the probability of going out with my parents stopped me.

“Do you know how much it hurts me that you don’t go out” – dad said to me. Well, I had chance to chat with a girl, but “girl” said by me has a different meaning to the strangers of the real me. I went out with them, Sally was offline I returned.

Gossip news: Speculation that Elaine broke up with her boyfriend. (Source: Michael)

I was determined to write to Sally the next time I can. She was showing signs and it’s my task to explore whether they are romantic or friendly.


Thursday 23.08.2012

М. came while I was watching a TV series in the other room and I didn’t interrupt myself to open Facebook to him. He came at me again:
Start-Menu-Button-Doesn’t it have pause?
I just laughed, I’m not rich for that kind of TV set.
-How can I turn it on?
-On Start.
-There isn’t Start.

On the advertisements, I asked him how he logged in, he answered “Easy”.

Later via Sarah (c.)’s Facebook, I saw Chrisy has published a photo of himself leaning on crutches. I thought it was a joke, but the comment and his wrapped leg didn’t support me. He had a surgery. The punishment reaches everybody. Btw, being at punishments, certain time after we finished school, grandma D. told Myra’s brother had a heart attack. Beware!!!


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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