Saturday 18.08.2012

Mum was worried for my diet.

I, Sarah and mum went walking in the evening where I confirmed to May, a relative of mine I was supposed to be chosen for the best student.

I wanted to leave from grandma’s with mum, but she said I to lie on the bed with Sarah.
-Why? – I asked.
-To make conversation.
-What for to make conversation? – I asked Sarah.
-I don’t know.
The easiest answer.

I went home with mum who rushed to take a bath. I asked her why did she wanted me to stay, she said she wanted me to lie on the bed to talk with Sarah as I used to. I didn’t say anything, but I suspected that Sarah could have explained sth to mum as that I confessed her that I’m really aware of my need from friendship and I want to hang out with boys. I don’t trust Sarah now as I trusted her. And if mum doesn’t have courage to talk about me about the discovered, then I’ll keep ignoring the real real me in front of hers. I won’t be utterly open in front of both. Their choice.

Sarah told me that Madeline stopped selling newspapers. What is this, I finish school, and Sally moves away, Madeline stops the newspaper business… like I influenced them. Energy?


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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