19.08.2012 – 21.08.2012

Sunday 19.08.2012

While I was on the Internet, mum entered and told me there were some people on the road. They wanted to go to Lesnovo, they were speaking English and they sought for help. I was supposed to “direction” them from the window, but I refused. Lynn (mum’s friend) and Gilda were there, why would I show the real me in front of them. I told mum the English words for “down” and “right”, she told them, but Lynn said they knew it, they needed me for translation. They left and Lynn later said “Is Nick gonna translate you?”. That’s what I want you to think, my dear.

In the late afternoon, as dad desired, my parents and I went to see our field “the opposite”. On the road, we saw a guy coming out of a path with another taller guy. I recognised the first guy immediately – Rob D. and my second sight was only a confirmation of it. He passed me and one of them quietly said “Hello” to dad. On the way back we saw him again. I looked three times at him, but he said nothing.

I opened a blog: http://www.realrealme.worpress.com.


Monday 20.08.2012

M. came, Tricia came.

I, mum and grandma went to grandma’s garden, Al looked down when passed each other on the returning with granddad. John with his mother raced me out and said nothing to me.


Tuesday 21.08.2012

Gossip news: On visit at her friend Beatrice, from our neighbor Marsha, mum heard that Victoria is called “Good morning, Macedonia” ‘cos she knew all the news. She told Marsha that I was given vitamin pills as “he barely” ate. Btw, if she’s “Good morning Macedonia”, what is Madeline?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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