Thursday 16.08.2012

The full message was: “Nick if you want for tomorrow i ll need the usb cable from sony ericson i have nowhere to find then for an hour i ll return it elaine greet”. The usb cable wasn’t mine, but M.’s. He said I to reply her that it was at his place. I replied: “Elaine i just saw the message the cable’s not mine its uncles”.

Finished story.

Sarah came to Zlox.

M. transferred me negative energy on the bed, when I refused him to lie with me.
-Why does he hate me? – he asked mum.
I sustained, I have told him earlier, I don’t hate him, just love him less. I’m not going to repeat myself.

Sarah, Bill and Dominic were at my place.

I, Sarah, mum and grandma D., went to grandma’s garden where I told Sarah about my Facebook goof, she decided to make selection of my pictures with females. I also told her that grandma R. asked me if I had met any female friends and M. told me that I’ll go to the faculty with Andrea. My cousin commented: “How aren’t they ashamed?”

On the other side, that’s what I wanted them to think. (Tag: the fake me) They are not aware of the explosion.

image108 - Copy (2)Home, Sarah hid some of my tagged Facebook pictures on my profile portraying me with females. She limited my friends visibility to only me because “There isn’t almost any male”. Will the real me beat my past?


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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