09.08.2012 – 12.08.2012

Thursday 9.08.2012

Grandma Eva, a distant relative of mine, died.


Friday 10.08.2012

Mum encouraged me to get online and find the needed information about my signing in to faculty in Stip, despite –“September” as my answer to M.’s question when will I have Internet, earlier that day.


Saturday 11.08.2012

Dad reminded me that Adele’s father was Travis’s brother. Just like I said, spiritual pain.

Through the window, I saw a boy with two women. I didn’t assume he was gay, in my eyes he shone with masculine energy. Maybe that’s the way the mines saw me. Or not.


Sunday 12.08.2012

Mum was convincing me I to go on shrink in Skopje the next day, I was rejecting her. I don’t want people I care about to think a shrink helped me after I get outgoing. I want to try my best first. Will I need a shrink after that?

Mary’s prom celebration Facebook photos indicated Barbara G. was there, but she wasn’t on her birthday… Perhaps Darryl was invited too, but he couldn’t come as at the time he had been in France. I realised that when Mary was communicating with me, she felt lonely as she didn’t need me when she had others. OK, opinion downgraded (to mixed Positive – Extra Positive). I felt sorry for her.

On the same network, after my unsuccessful search for Stanley’s brother, I found out that the girl for which I heard Ducky’s real name was his sister (not his cousin!). 3 kids!

It’s not a wonder that he is so much socialised.

In the evening, while I was with mum, grandma Debra, grandma Gina and grandma Gail on the road, Greg called me to go with him. I refused him. “There, he calls you. What do you want?” – grandma D. said to me. What do I want? A Christian that didn’t hurt me. Certainly I don’t want that kind of personality.


Sat. or Sun.? Dad told me he decided I to study law if I can’t make my mind.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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