Thursday 07.08.2012

When some people talk, it’s the same like I listen to “bleep” all the time.

timber2-300x199At 8 sth a.m. dad awoke me to work with him in transferring woods in the yard. Grandad arrived to help later, but dad didn’t let him, as he wanted I to work.
-Will your grandad be alive all the time?
I kept being silent, like he didn’t say anything. I could analyze and explain now, but why?

There are instances of people pronounced for saints who didn’t obey to their parents regardless of rule 5 (for longer life on Earth). The negative energy my father transfers to me, helps me appreciate people with a high evaluation according to me more and I become closer to Him praying for that kind of people. Thank you, dad.

He bought me a chocolate as a sign of gratitude. A material thing.

Sveta_PetkaOn the twilight, I was transferring woods when M. came. He said: “A holiday is coming (St. Paraskevi), and you are working. And then you want to rain… It doesn’t rain ‘cause we aren’t Godly…” Godly? In what way? Respecting a holiday is one of the easiest things in Christianity.

I stopped working after 3 “tours” and just after dad stopped working, the bell rang officializing the holiday beginning.

Dad replied to M.:
-You are jealous to me… There isn’t anyone who believes more than me. Rarely who reads the Bible, the Old Testament.
I don’t wanna judge, but it’s pride. Deeds, not words.

In fact, if we were so godly we would have known that the no raining matters very little compared to losing the real values. It not like there’s been a drought for a month.

Why does M. believe in his “future” from a coffee cup? Perhaps he is godly, but his god seems to be the devil.

But I didn’t get involved in the discussion. Like I said in the beginning, “When some people talk, all I hear is a long bleeeep”.


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