Monday 30.07.2012

Lady Adelle’s summer “adventures” – Part 2

“So you are staying in Zlox?” a guy nicknamed Tetro wrote to me on Skype after I responded him I’m not going to holiday. I assumed someone detected me via my IP address or someone from Zlox knew I was hiding behind LadyAdelle1.
“How do you know I’m from Zlox? I gave you that?”
I had an idea who he might be, but wanted to assure myself. It was the Italian guy who considered me a girl whom I chatted with last year, and I told him my memories about him to which he commended me saying “Perfect”.

Late evening some guys shouted on the road. I thought it wasn’t for me but I showed up at the window anyway.
-Like … (assumingly “ordered”) – someone laughed.
-Wher’ are you? How’s it? – sb asked me.

And later again:
-Wher’ are you? How’s it boy?
As soon as I heard the word boy, it was clear: It was Ducky. It would have been weird for me to shout at 11 p.m., so I just waved. A boy stopped walking. I was very happy. Ducky missed me. The last time he saw me was at our last ride together (t…).

I didn’t make a mistake when evaluating him. Not for nothing I top-rated him.

The best stays for the end.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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