Wednesday 25.07.2012

It’s summer and I don’t have a day to rest.

I got up, went to the toilet and after I returned to the room, I thought I had hallucinated when I saw my cell phone briefly lighting. In any case I checked it, and saw mum just called me – 08-52. I called her back and she told me Vince called to tell her I needed to return my taken books on my coming to school for taking my diploma for finishing high school which was supposed to be that same day at 9 a.m.. I was surprised. Was Vince aware, I thought? There hasn’t been even a month since my last school obligation. I could have been on holiday. Mum said to me I owed 13 books, I took 14 in any case, wanting to be honest. Dad and grandma were gone, so I took 100 denars from grandma R. and went to wait taxi with grandad. There were 5 people waiting for a ride to Preevytip, including my godmother with her children, but there was a taxi inspection on the route, so… no taxis at the moment. Finally, grandad managed to find me place on a returning one, that took a shortcut to avoid the commission.

In Preevytip while I was climbing down the stairs to go to the square, I saw a guy who could’ve been Chrisy. He was with a friend. When I looked at him, he was looking at me too, but he was serious. He matched age and height, just his face was more round, resembling more to the Chrisy from Facebook. I stopped looking at him and he passed me. I intended to turn around, very determined to decide whether or not it was him and just when I moved my head…
It was Barbara accompanied with Kathy and Denise, coming to my opposite direction.
She asked me something, I said I’m late but she told me it’s from 10 o’clock.

In the school yard I was just about to greet Bernard when Vince came towards me and showed me the paper that claimed I owed 15 books. He told me to take it in order to take the diploma, but I said “Should I go to Zlox?”. When asked, I replied I’ll return the book “in the fastest possible time”. It was kind of real me, being aware that with Sarah’s access to people (even though it’s called ass-licking), the relationship professor-student becomes stronger (at least seemingly). He thought of replacing it with a book “at his place”, but changed his mind. He wanted to know which book is it (well, if I remembered I’d gave it back), I replied “Serdarot”, as I was certain it was the only book I owed last year. He agreed to give me the diploma and headed me to go to mum’s workplace in order to take 120 denars in exchange for the diploma. At the square I met the Jin who asked me for my faculty choice. In 9:57, she gave me and while I was approaching back to my destination, Mary, her blonde sister, Sarah and Barbara came out of a taxi. Like my opinions table was given the ability to speak: Mary said “Nick”, Barbara “Nikey” (to both I responded with their names), and Sarah – nothing (The previous day Sarah passingly saw grandma R. sitting and said nothing to her.) … and I downgrade my opinion for her to “balanced”. Mary gushed with me (leaving the others behind!) asking me what I came with and telling me about her lost Math book.

In the school yard I concluded I wasn’t late. Tiffany was looking at me:
-Hi, Nick.
-Hi, Tiffany.
-Are you fine?
-I’m fine.
Perhaps she asked me about faculty. After we stopped, I looked aside and noticed Derek V. and Ethan taking off their looks from me. Was it weird to them that I talked openly? Well of course I’d like the “villains” to see me in a bad light, that’s how they wouldn’t (ab)use me.

Kathy asked me how was I and for my mature results, I asked her about hers. Tiffany invited me to go in, I accepted. In the hall, Sarah approached me asking the standard “How are you?”. I noticed that my fake smile wasn’t energetic now, I was only showing teeth. Kathy and Denise joined and I found out Sarah’s undecideful yet about her faculty and Kathy was going to security. About me I said English or computer studies.

I wasn’t jealous looking other people being close to each other, I could’ve been even closer if I wanted to.

Miranda smiled to me.

In the office Sarah was arranging the documents we were supposed to receive, Tiffany notified us Irene had gone in Slovenia, and after seeing I had both A’s in the external matura making me the only one from the class that has straight A’s, Sarah called me “Beast”. About Ethan I heard that he will take a diploma and Bernard mentioned “school matura”.

In the hall again, Mary asked me about my potential going to holiday and about my matura achievements, I asked her similar questions and found out that she’s probably going to Bulgaria in August, that all the objections for the English grades were refused and that her present sister’s name was Cathleen.

On the actual diplomas distribution, Ethan addressed Bernard by his name and went with him to receive his dipl… but how come? He was re-tested? His business. Francis asked me how was I (opinion up). Elaine, Andrea, Renee, Darryl, Ashley, Melanie and Diana were absent.

I wanted to wait ‘till the end, but there was no sense as all the called ones before me had left.

It was the last time I went to that school for an obligation of mine. Several days ago I was longing for a fifth year, but now I was glad it was OVER.

I waited long for a taxi. Coming to and leaving from Preevytip was much more interesting with the “mines”. It was kind of senseless now. My godmother found me a taxi and inside towards the end… a connection to the gang:
-Nick did you take the diploma?
The woman next to me was Stephanie, Rob T.’s mother and she asked me because I had left it at mum’s.
-I took it.
-… ?
-What? I didn’t hear you.
I put my ear close to her mouth. I believe she was surprised. Well, those who have passed over the stereotype that I’m shy (and of course, if they are good or righteous) can freely enjoy in my warmness.
-What did you sign to?
-I haven’t signed yet. The enrolments are in August.

In the afternoon shortly after she returned from Preevytip, Barbara texted me to come on fb, I said I didn’t have Internet.


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