Friday 27.07.2012

Rested in the morning.

In the evening, while the others were returning from the tournament, among them there were Marcus, Rob and surprisingly, Ducky. Marcus whistled and they all were expecting to see me from the usual window, but I was downstairs, having dinner. They didn’t manage to see me behind the curtain even though the light was on, so I decided to raise the curtain. They saw me, but they saw my angry mum as well. She knocked ‘em:
-Marcus, what’s up?
I was trying to distract her.
-Do you want to call Nick to walk with you?
I disapprove mum’s reaction.
She told she’ll ask Marcus on Pigs why he calls me and she wasn’t shy to do it to Rob. I convinced her to be softer, she to suggest them to hang out with me as I was friendless.

Opening Ceremony - 2012 London Olympic Games - Olympic Rings 2Believe it or not, I still had Internet, due to mum’s disability to arrange it, so I decided to put an end of the suspense asking dad to call the support number. The employee re-directed him to call 171 the next day. My parents advised me to use the Internet. I did. Four hours I checked my news while there was the Olympic opening.

Darryl had left to Paris with his brother.


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