17.07.2012, 21.07.2012


Finally, after 40 days at 17:36, I saw Ducky from the window. He went off a car with his brother. He was freshly haircut.



Quick events:

-After I, Sarah, mum, Marlyn and grandad returned from the monastery St. Spyridon, once I entered in the room at grandma’s, Michael told me to undress my undershirt – negative energy, so I immediately got out. He begged me to lie in bed with him, I finally accepted with the thought: “Have me bodily when you can’t have me spiritually”.

-Marlyn informed me and mum she told Dustin about my choice of faculty, to which he said “Good. Super.” (I imagined Dustin saying “Super”.) She added we were the same and they suggested I, Dustin and Sarah to go out in “Creshovo Topche”.

-When I already went on the river with mum, Sarah and Marlyn while going to grandma’s with Sarah and mum, John said to me –“Nicky!”, I only looked at him with a little smile. I wanted to name him, but couldn’t remember his name looking at him.

-In the evening I went out with Sarah, mum and Marlyn. We saw Mara and I said to her “Hi, Mary” to which she responded “Hi, Nick”. Sarah (my cousin) who once said nothing from me can surprise her anymore, this time commented she didn’t expect it from me.

-I’m open only in front of proven and experienced persons. – I said and certainly Mary was one of them.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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